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An expert's guide to ear infections in children

Ear infections are a common problem in young children. It can be painful, and no parent wants their child to experience pain and irritation inside their ears caused by an infection. Learning about their different causes and symptoms can help you catch and treat them quickly so that your child can feel better, sooner. Leading Surrey-based consultant ENT surgeon Mr Guna Reddy-Kolanu answers some of the most commonly asked questions parents have about ear infections.

Worried about hearing loss? Your questions answered by a specialist

Hearing loss, however slight, can affect a person's ability to socialise and work as well as their general wellbeing. Thanks to modern technological advances, however, patients suffering with hearing problems can benefit from significant improvements afforded by hearing aids, surgery or other treatment options. To discuss this, we invited leading consultant ENT surgeon Mr Guna Reddy-Kolanu, who answers commonly asked questions about hearing loss in this informative article.

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