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Understanding glaucoma in children

Paediatric glaucoma is a rare condition, however, it can be visually significant for the children it affects. Unlike older adults, who are usually at risk of developing glaucoma, children who present with this condition have more years of life ahead of them, and therefore treatment and preserving vision is extremely important. How glaucoma is treated in children can differ, and here Mr John Brookes, a leading ophthalmic surgeon explains the various treatments available and the most recent innovations made in this field.

Can glaucoma cause blindness?

Glaucoma is a common eye condition that everyone should be aware of as they get older. Vision lost to glaucoma cannot be recovered, however, early diagnosis and monitoring can prevent further damage. Mr John Brookes is a world-renowned ophthalmic surgeon and an expert in glaucoma. Find out what this eye disease is, how it could affect you and how it is treated.

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