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Winter pregnancy care: Expert tips

Embarking on the miraculous journey of pregnancy during the winter months adds a unique set of considerations for expectant mothers. Mr Keith Duncan, is dedicated to delivering exceptional pregnancy care for a secure and positive experience. In his latest online article, Mr Duncan delves into the distinctive aspects of winter pregnancy care and highlights how his services can enhance this journey.

The most important supplements for pregnant women

A woman's pregnancy is a special period of her life that is characterised by joy and anticipation. It is crucial to ensure the mother's and the baby's health and well-being throughout this time. A successful pregnancy depends greatly on proper nutrition, and vitamins can be a useful addition to a prenatal diet. In this article, we'll talk about the essential prenatal vitamins and Dr Duncan's services, a reputable doctor who's committed to assisting expectant mothers on their path to parenthood.

Pre-conception health recommendations for prospective parents

Pre-conception health recommendations are made to improve the long term and short-term health outcomes for women and their children It is advisable for women hoping to become pregnant to book an appointment with their doctor to discuss diet and weight management, as well as smoking and alcohol consumption. The doctor will also discuss factors such as use of drugs, including prescription drugs and over the counter medicines.

What to eat during pregnancy

Nutrition is important during pregnancy as eating a healthy diet ensures the optimal development and growth of your baby. We’ve asked top consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist and Clinic Director at The Chelsea Birth Clinic in London, Mr Keith Duncan for his expert advice on which food groups to eat and which ones to avoid during your pregnancy.

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