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Can you live with a hole in your heart?

It is very possible to live with a hole in your heart, without ever realising that it’s there. A patent foramen ovale, also known as a PFO, is a hole between the left and right atria (upper chambers) of the heart that we all have when we are in the womb, but this should close shortly after we’re born. It remains open, however, in around 20% of people, the majority of whom are oblivious to this hole. Cardiologist Doctor Mark Mason talks more about patent foramen ovale and when it requires treatment.

Should marathon runners pay a visit to a cardiologist?

If exercise is good for the heart, why do you hear about athletes in their prime, such as footballer Fabrice Muamba, collapsing while competing in their sport? The answer is usually that the athlete has an undetected cardiovascular condition. So, is it worth visiting a cardiologist before running a marathon? Dr Mark Mason is here to offer his expert insight.

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