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Breast lift surgery: what's involved and how much will it cost?

As women age and have children, their bodies, of course, change too. Some women’s breasts become droopy, either because of pregnancy or merely as a result of gravity over time. Whilst many women are not concerned by these changes, some women do seek comfort in having breast uplift surgery (mastopexy) to lift their breasts and remove excess skin. Mr Navid Jallali, a leading plastic surgeon, explains how breast lift surgery is approached, and what patients can expect from the results.

Breast implants vs. breast uplift

Breast enhancement surgery is the UK’s most popular aesthetic surgical procedure with over 13,000 operations carried out per year. Breast enhancement surgery can come in the form of implants, breast uplift (mastopexy) or a combination of both (augmentation mastopexy), but which of these is best for you? Expert consultant plastic surgeon Mr Navid Jallali MD FRCS (Plast) is here with some information and advice about these procedures.

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