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Craniofacial plastic surgeon Mr Niall Kirkpatrick – being a Top Doctor

Mr Niall Kirkpatrick is an award-winning craniofacial plastic surgeon based in London specialising in reconstructive craniofacial, head and neck surgery. He is highly recognised for both his clinical work, and his charitable work in Vietnam. We interviewed Mr Niall Kirkpatrick about why he decided to become a doctor and to specialise in his chosen field of plastic surgery.

What are skin tags and how do I get rid of them?

Skin tags are harmless, usually painless, small, soft, skin-coloured growths. They are mainly just a few millimetres in size, although they can grow bigger and tend to look like elongated growths that hang off the skin. They are made of loose collagen fibres, small blood vessels and skin. Although harmless and not contagious, people often dislike the appearance of skin tags. Here to tell us more about skin tags and how to get rid of them is plastic surgeon Mr Niall Kirkpatrick.

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