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Returning to sports after a hip replacement

Nowadays, hip replacement recovery is faster than ever. Of course, for many people the big milestone is when you can get back to playing sports again. In this article, double board-certified consultant orthopaedic surgeon Professor Paul Lee offers his recommendations on how long to allow yourself to recover before returning to different sports, and how to get back into action safely.

The Complete Guide to Hip Replacement Recovery: nutrition, rest, sex, driving, travelling

A hip replacement is a life-changing operation. It can significantly improve your quality of life and you get back to the things you enjoyed. Owning to its success it has now become a routine operation in the 21 st century. If you are considering hip replacement, it’s important to know how you can support yourself during the recovery period after the surgery. Here are practical tips from Professor Paul Lee, to help your successful recovery from hip surgery.

Intra-articular injections for managing knee osteoarthritis

Knee pain is a common ailment and source of discomfort for the UK’s population, related to the obesity epidemic, our ageing population and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Knee pain is often attributed to osteoarthritis, with eventual treatment being a total knee replacement (TKR). However, due to low levels of patient satisfaction with this procedure, as well as poor outcomes, leading orthopaedic surgeons like Professor Paul Lee are turning to intra-articular injections to provide their patients with temporary pain relief.

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