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ENT surgeon Mr Santdeep Paun - being a Top Doctor

Mr Santdeep Paun is a leading ENT (otolaryngology) surgeon who specialises in nasal and facial plastic surgery. He is based in a selection of well-known clinics across central London, including his clinics on Harley Street and at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. We spoke to Mr Santdeep Paun about why he chose to become a doctor and to become a specialist in ENT surgery.

A complete guide to choosing rhinoplasty surgery

With an increasing number of surgeons and clinics offering rhinoplasty surgery, it’s getting more and more difficult to identify the best care available. Here to guide you through the process is Mr Santdeep Paun. As well as being one of the best nose surgeons in London, Mr Paun is in regular contact with top rhinoplasty clinics at international conferences.

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