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Geriatricians and the value of personalised care

Older people are commonly prescribed more than one type of medication to treat conditions brought on by ageing. The combination of different medicines in the body can have negative side effects for patients and therefore seeking out specialised geriatric care can be of huge benefit to older people. In this article, highly esteemed consultant physician in general and geriatric medicine, Dr Tarun Solanki expertly outlines the valuable role of geriatricians in tailoring care for older patients.

Geriatric care: managing faints, falls and funny turns

Around 30% of people over the age of 60 are expected to experience a significant fall in one year and as they get older, this increases to 40%. Falls and funny turns can not only lead to serious physical injury but can also leave a devastating psychological impact on the person. Dr Tarun Solanki, a top consultant physician in general and geriatric medicine, explains more.

Older patients are experiencing unusual COVID-19 symptoms: are these being overlooked?

According to studies, less than 30% of elderly patients with COVID-19 are actually presenting with symptoms such as coughing, breathing problems and fever. Instead, these patients are experiencing some very different symptoms which healthcare professionals aren't identifying as a coronavirus infection. Dr Tarun Solanki explains what these symptoms are and the consequences it can have on all of us if they are not properly recognised.

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