Fastbraces®: who can benefit?

Written by: Dr Olurotimi Adesanya
Published: | Updated: 09/09/2019
Edited by: Laura Burgess

Fastbraces® Technologies is a high-performance bracket system used to straighten teeth. The system uprights the roots of the teeth toward their final position from the beginning of the treatment using just one wire.

One of the benefits of Fastbraces® is that patients see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days and some could be out of braces in less than 100 days.

Here, one of our top dentists Dr Olurotimi Adesanya explains everything you need to know about the revolutionary orthodontic system, including who can benefit from the procedure and how much it costs.

How do I know I’m eligible for Fastbraces®?

To know if you are eligible you will need to be examined by the dentist to check your bone level, gum and teeth. If there is any disease of the gum, bone and teeth this will need to be treated before the start of the braces treatment.

How much do they cost?

The cost of treatment is £3,500 – 4,000* depending on the complexity of the individual case.

What are the mechanics of Fastbraces®? How do they move the teeth into position?

The patented bracket is placed on the tooth and a square wire is placed between the brackets and held into position with “O rings” (rubber-like material). The wire engages the elbow of the bracket and then transmits light force to the root of the tooth, along the whole length of the root.

The alveolar bone is one of three tissues on the jaw bone that supports, surrounds and helps to hold the tooth in place. The fitted brace moves the tooth, which results in alveolar bone remodelling and development. This allows the tooth to move towards its naturally-erupted position from the very start of the procedure. Consequently, the tooth is aligned into a better place in the arch.

Lower occlusal before Fastbraces®
Lower occlusal with Fastbraces®









How are they in terms of effectiveness compared to lingual or Invisalign braces?

Fastbraces® is a comprehensive orthodontic treatment whereas lingual braces can take longer to treat the malocclusion and cost more. The patient-compliance with Fastbraces® is better than with Invisalign so the treatment is completed faster.

Are multiple trips to the orthodontist required when you have Fastbraces®?

With Fastbraces® Technology patients are expected to visit the dentist every two to three weeks during the period of treatment.

What aftercare is required once Fastbraces® have been removed?

The patient will need a removable retainer to wear at night. They are advised to have a fixed retainer as well, which is wire behind the front teeth in the upper and lower arch.

If you are interested in having Fastbraces® fitted, do not hesitate to make the first consultation with Dr Adesanya.

*Treatment price listed September 2019 and may be subject to change.

By Dr Olurotimi Adesanya

Dr Olurotimi Adesanya is a leading dentist based in Kent. Dr Adesanya has a strong interest in endodontics, aesthetic , and cosmetic dentistry, but offers a full dental practice covering general check-ups, hygiene treatment, orthodontics, bridges, crowns, veneers,implants and oral surgery. His clinic, Watling Street Dental Care, is equipped with the latest technology and is able to offer revolutionary brace systems including Invisalign and Fastbraces.

Dr Adesanya qualified in 1991 from School of dentistry University of Benin, Nigeria, and has subsequently worked in several hospitals both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Committed to continuing his professional development, he obtained a Fellowship in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh in 2000, and in December 2009, Olurotimi obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Restorative Dental Practice from the Eastman Dental Institute, one of the world’s most renowned postgraduate institutions.

Dr Adesanya was awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Dental Health Services Leadership and Management by the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) in 2011. The diploma provided Dr Adesanya the educational experience that has advance his knowledge and competence in the operational and strategic management of dental services, to ensure his dental team consistently provide a high quality of dental care.

In 2013, Dr Adesanya was awarded the Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) of the Royal College of Surgeons in recognition of his excellence in primary dental care.

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