Gynaecomastia talk at the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2018

Written by: Dr Hassan Nurein
Published: | Updated: 19/12/2018
Edited by: Laura Burgess

Dr Hassan Nurein is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specialises in gynaecomastia surgery. Recently, he had the honour of giving a talk on the cosmetic procedure at the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (WAOCS) annual meeting in Vienna.

What is gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia (nicknamed man boobs or “moobs”) are enlarged male breasts that affects almost 70% of men. The condition is due to enlarged glands that are caused by a hormonal imbalance or from an accumulation of fatty tissue in the chest area. The lumps can disappear but can also continue to grow into moobs.

What is the surgical procedure for gynaecomastia?

The procedure for gynaecomastia takes around two hours and the patient can return home on the same day. Full recovery time takes around one week and the patient will be prescribed painkillers during this period. Gynaecomastia uses either of the following three techniques:

  • Liposuction technique – removes the excess fat in the chest area surrounding the breast tissue.
  • Excision technique – this procedure is used if glandular breast tissue or excess skin needs to be removed. It can also be used to reduce the areola and reposition the nipple in a natural position.
  • Combination of liposuction and excision – both of these procedures may be needed for the gynaecomastic treatment. It depends on the individual case.

What is WAOCS?

The World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is a non-profit organisation based in Vienna, Austria. Their objective is to educate and train doctors in all areas of cosmetic surgery with the goal of improving patient safety.

This annual meeting is a forum where dermatologists, plastic surgeons and scientists can have the opportunity to discuss both the background and the practical impact of ageing, aesthetics and related conditions. It is also an opportunity to discuss the latest developments and achievements in cosmetic surgery and aesthetic dermatology.

Why was Dr Nurein asked to speak at WAOCS?

Dr Nurein is an experienced cosmetic surgeon specialising in gynaecomastia and body sculpting and is a member of the association. He was invited as a featured faculty to give a lecture about his area of expertise.

If you think that you have gynaecomastia, then book a free consultation with Dr Nurein at his clinics in London or Sheffield.

By Dr Hassan Nurein
Aesthetic medicine

Dr Hassan Nurein is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specialises in gynaecomastia surgery. Dr Nurein is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and following his work with the NHS, he went on to provide specialised services for patients seeking male breast reduction, also known as gynaecomastia surgery. He is based both on the famed London Harley Street and in Sheffield.

Dr Nurein's passion for cosmetic surgery has allowed him to travel frequently to national and international conferences where he meticulously improves and refines his skills so that his patients continue to receive the best possible service. Dr Nurein has a patient-centered focus and always prioritises their needs and care.

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