How to avoid feeling bloated

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Experiencing abdominal swelling or discomfort is a very common complaint. What causes bloating? Or rather, why do trousers fit in the morning and not in the afternoon?

This problem is due to the accumulation of intestinal gases, which cause various problems. However, the best thing to do if our advice doesn't help is to consult a specialist who can carry out tests.


Causes of bloating

  • Lactose intolerance. People who lactose-intolerant can experience swelling, cramps and softer stool
  • Consuming sweets or products containing the food colouring sorbitol
  • Trapped wind through eating quickly, not chewing properly, chewing gum or drinking fizzy drinks
  • Eating raw vegetables or pulses that cause flatulence such as cabbages, broccoli and white beans
  • Eating very spicy food or high-fat food such as processed sweets
  • Inactive lifestyle and stress

Tips to avoid feeling bloated

  • Drink lactose-free milk or drinks made from soya, oats, rice etc...
  • Avoid sweets and food labelled “sugar free” or check that they do not contain sorbitol
  • Eat slowly and chew well
  • Avoid salads and eat cooked vegetables or purée. The best vegetables are lentils, though they must be well-cooked and mixed with vegetables or mashed
  • Keep hydrated
  • Prepare food using simple recipes involving baking, grilling or steaming, and avoid sauces, batter and fried food
  • Avoid processed sweets, as they contain trans fats which hinder digestion (and are also bad for cardiovascular health) 
  • Remain physically active as this is also good for digestion and eliminating gases

Go to the toilet!

It is important to go to the bathroom when we need to and it is important to expel gas when necessary. Women more than men, due to lack of time or embarrassment often do not listen to the body's messages, and can end up experiencing problems such as abdominal cramps and stomach pain simply due to not having done what the body needed.


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