Invisible orthodontics – what is it and how long does treatment take?

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Invisible orthodontics is a new technique that has revolutionised orthodontic treatment. This technique allows us to correct dental positions without the orthodontics being visible. Only the patient will know that they have orthodontics.




What types of invisible orthodontics are there?


There are currently two types of invisible orthodontics:


  • Transparent braces, with the best known commercial brand being Invisalign. These are very hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Lingual orthodontics, with the best known brand being Incognito. These are brackets that are glued inside the tooth to correct dental misalignment with the same accuracy and results as with the conventional orthodontic braces that are worn on the outer/front on the teeth.


Is invisible orthodontics applicable in all cases?


Yes, thanks to new modern technologies and research, invisible orthodontics can be used to solve all types of dental misalignment. Therefore, all patients are candidates for treatment with invisible orthodontics. With the Invisalign technique, there may be some concrete movement or dental malposition that cannot be corrected, however, with lingual orthodontics, all types of dental correction can be performed.


How long does invisible orthodontic treatment last?


For the lingual technique, the duration is usually one year or at most one year and a half. However, with the transparent braces, the treatment usually lasts longer, between two years and two and a half years.


Are the results definitive?


Yes, as long as the patient has a fixed retention at the top and bottom to fix the new position of the teeth. It is the only way we can guarantee that the treatment is stable and that there is no secondary movement.


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