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Direct anterior approach hip replacement: less pain and faster recovery

Total hip replacement is an extremely successful surgical procedure that improves a patient’s quality of life when arthritic hip pain becomes debilitating. Consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon, professor Ali Ghoz talks about the new approach to hip replacement surgery that results in faster recovery, less pain and less time in the hospital.

Am I depressed? Treating and identifying the signs of depression

Depression is a mood disorder characterised by low mood for a persistent amount of time, having a significant effect on your everyday life. However, treatments and therapies are available to help people struggling with depression to cope. Dr Abrar Hussain, a leading psychiatrist, explains in detail what depression is and what can be done to beat it.

Can drinking water prevent kidney stones and UTIs?

Kidney stones and urinary tract infections are painful. Once you get one your chances of getting another increases. This is why – as consultant urologist Mr Rono Mukherjee argues – prevention is better than cure, and the best thing you can do is drink more water. This article looks at why kidney stones and UTIs occur and why drinking more water is so effective.

What is endocrine surgery? An expert’s guide to the thyroid and parathyroid glands

Endocrine surgery is surgery performed to remove all or part of an abnormal endocrine gland. Endocrine glands secrete hormones that have an effect on the way the body works away from the vicinity of the gland secreting the hormone. Examples of endocrine glands include the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Expert endocrine and general surgeon Mr James Kirkby-Bott explains:

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