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How does Botox™ actually smooth wrinkles?

As we age, we start to develop fine lines and wrinkles across our whole body, but forehead lines are arguably the most noticeable and can be a tell-tale sign of our real age. However, Botox™ injections present a remedy for these signs of ageing, and they are a treatment that Dr Nikola Milojevic, a top aesthetic doctor, has performed over 20,000 times. Here he explains how Botox™ can be used as an anti-ageing treatment.

Improving outcomes for patients with bowel cancer and liver metastases

Unfortunately, depending on the stage of colorectal cancer, it can metastasize to other parts of the body, which is commonly the liver. Despite the challenges seen in treating this difficult diagnosis, advancements in surgery and improvements in understanding how to target liver metastases have given patients a better outlook. Here we learn from a top hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon, Mr Nicola de’ Liguori Carino, how colorectal cancer and liver metastases are treated.

Exhaustion and burnout: when feeling tired becomes too much

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your workload or responsibilities, and constantly feel tired, you could be heading for a burnout, and it is important to be aware of the signs, before it reaches that point. Dr Catherine Sykes is an experienced London-based psychologist who is very familiar in seeing patients suffering from exhaustion and burnout. Here, she explains how we can differentiate between just feeling tired, exhaustion, and finally burnout.

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