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Gallbladder removal surgery: the procedure, recovery, risks and side effects

Removing the gallbladder – one of your body’s organs – sounds like a serious undertaking, but in fact it is a commonly performed procedure that is extremely safe in the right hands. We spoke to leading consultant general surgeon Mr Zaed Hamady to find out how gallbladder removal surgery works, how long it takes to recover from the procedure, and whether there are any risks or side effects involved.

What happens if Helicobacter pylori goes untreated?

Helicobacter pylori are strange bacteria that live in the stomach that can lead to gastritis and inflammation. Most people do not realise that they have the condition, which can go on for years. We've asked consultant gastroenterologist Dr Aathavan Loganayagam to explain what happens if the condition is left undiagnosed and whether it can be treated.

Do I have Gilmore’s Groin or a sports hernia? I can't feel a lump!

Gilmore’s Groin, sports hernia and pubic inguinal pain syndrome are all terms used to describe injuries that involve the muscle, tendon and ligaments that make up the area that anchors the pubic bone and the lower part of the abdomen that connects with the groin. It’s a common cause of groin and adductor pain in athletes. Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana tells us more about sports hernia and what it feels like.

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