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Glaucoma and ocular surface disease - a dangerous combination! – Part 1

Glaucoma is all too common, affecting around 480,000 people in England alone. This condition involves excessive pressure on the optic nerve, leading to loss of vision. To make matters worse, patients may also have ocular surface disease, which can hamper glaucoma treatment and further affect the patient’s life. Expert ophthalmologist Mr Shabbir Mohamed explains.

Eye Spy: Safer laser eye surgery with the latest eye-tracking technology

Patients undergoing laser eye surgery have long been advised that it’s essential to keep your eyes fixed in one place during the operation to avoid damage to your eye. This can be a real source of anxiety if you think your eyes might wander during surgery. However, there’s good news – we may finally have the technology to avoid this problem altogether, writes Dr CT Pillai, consultant refractive surgeon and director of Advanced Vision Care.

What are the most common mental health disorders?

Mental health disorders are an ever-present problem in modern society – many people will experience anxiety, depression, stress, or one of many other conditions within their lifetimes. Traumatic experiences can rock our worlds to the extent that we can't quite make sense of them. Expert clinical psychologist Dr Morwenna Opie is here to explain the most common types of mental health disorder and what can be done about them.

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