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How to relieve symptoms of IBS

The cause of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not entirely understood. In IBS, the gut appears normal, with no inflammation or any abnormal findings on investigation. IBS is sometimes called a “functional” disorder because symptoms are thought to be caused by the way in which the gut works, for example, the passage of food through the gut may be either too slow or too quick. In addition, the gut may be oversensitive to distension by either gas or food content, causing pain or discomfort. The symptoms of IBS may be exacerbated by certain foods or stress. Here to tell us more about IBS and how we can manage it is Dr John Martin.

When should I visit a cough specialist?

Most people with a chronic cough will visit their GP for advice and treatment. But evidence suggests that a visit to a cough specialist is much more likely to result in correct diagnosis and effective treatment. So what does a cough specialist do, how do they diagnose your cough, and when should you visit one? We asked Dr Sundeep Kaul, leading expert in both respiratory medicine and critical care.

Imposter syndrome: why do I feel like a fraud at work?

Have you ever felt like you’ve been promoted beyond your level, or given too much responsibility? Do you worry that you might be “found out” one day? Imposter syndrome can affect even the most high-achieving people – and there are even suggestions that it’s more likely when you experience success in your life. We spoke to coaching psychologist Dr Catherine Sykes, who frequently sees CEOs and partners at law firms with imposter syndrome.

Lipogems: a patient guide to fat cells for knee pain

If you struggle with cartilage damage in your knee and would like to avoid surgery, then regenerative medicine is an exciting new field of treatment to try out. Through regular injections you may be able to regenerate the cartilage in your knee and reduce pain considerably. In this brand new series, we asked regenerative medicine specialist Professor Paul Lee to explain the various treatment options on offer, and today’s focus is on Lipogems – the injection of fat cells into the knee.

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