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Ulcerative colitis: considering your surgical options

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory condition affecting the colon and rectum. Usually, it can be treated with medication such as steroids, but where this isn’t effective or an acute flare-up is occurring, surgery might be necessary. We spoke to consultant colorectal surgeon Mr Richard Lovegrove about your surgical options, and what factors to consider in the short and long term.

A look into the medical treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting approximately 1% of the population. It is characterised by inflammation of the synovial joints, such as the wrists, elbows, hips and knees. If left untreated, or inadequately treated, rheumatoid arthritis has the potential to cause disability, a reduced quality of life and a loss of work capacity. Professor Robert John Moots, a leading rheumatologist, discusses how one type of medication is having a positive resurgence in treating this complex condition.

CAM impingement: a danger in adolescent sports?

CAM impingement is a long-term hip problem that can happen to young people who play sports at a high level. Unfortunately it is not very well known, and even fewer people understand the link between CAM impingement and early onset arthritis. In this article expert orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana shines a light on the issue and explains why more education is necessary.

Will I need a root canal? Diagnosing dental pain.

Diagnosing dental pain is a form of art. Many factors need to be taken into consideration and a lot of information gathered to form a diagnosis or differential diagnosis. It’s important not only to use a radiograph and an X-ray but to hear what the patient feels and how they describe their pain. Dr Adi Moran, an endodontist in London tells us how we can diagnose a toothache and when we need root canal treatment.

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