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Can a facelift last 20 years?

If you’re considering a facelift, there are several factors to carefully consider beforehand. How long will the results last is one of the key questions. Highly distinguished consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Ayad Harb provides a comprehensive overview of facelift aesthetic surgery, ways to make a facelift procedure last longer and what can patients expect from a clinic offering such treatment.

Sports medicine: what’s the goal?

Sports medicine is a relatively new branch of medicine, dealing with the treatment and prevention of injuries that occur as a result of physical activity. But how does it do this, and is sports medicine only for professional athletes? Esteemded London-based football and sports medicine physician, Dr David Porter answers these questions and more, to offer a better understanding of sports medicine.

Sleep disorders in children: Answering the questions keeping parents up at night

Paediatric sleep disorders can cause perplexing issues for parents, with symptoms like snoring, failure to settle and parasomnias. It's good to know that there's medical assistance and advice which can relieve these deeply stressful situations. Leading consultant paediatrician and pulmonologist Dr Mark Rosenthal is here to put various sleep disorders to bed in this informative article.

Putting the spring back in your step: Could forefoot reconstruction surgery help you?

Forefoot reconstruction surgery can be the answer to troublesome bunions, pain under foot and restricted movement caused by arthritic inflammation of the toe joint. Leading consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Paul Hamilton, who is specialist in foot and ankle surgery, gives expert insight into forefoot reconstruction procedures and the relief various techniques can offer patients in this illuminating article.

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