Physiotherapy techniques as treatment for obesity

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Physiotherapy is a very effective complement to diet and physical exercise to combat obesity. It consists of using functioning techniques that act on fat, muscles and skin.

Through physical therapy, people with severe obesity problems regain strength and mobility so they can practice moderate physical exercise. The Physiomedical Institute has advanced technologies in physiotherapy such as Huber Motion Lab and Cellu M6 with techniques that allow the patient to lose weight in a proportionate way, maintaining the body balance between the fat, the muscular structures that support it and the skin.

Obesity treatment techniques:

• Huber Motion Lab – this consists of both physical and cognitive exercises. Through precise movements and postures, the patient’s tension is alleviated enabling them to mobilise the joints. In addition the body structure is modified and autonomy of movement is restored.

• Cellu M6 – a form of technology that acts on cognitive tissue and stimulates lipolysis, the process by which fats are mobilised and transformed to the meet the body’s energy needs. The tissue is drained whereby the stiffness decreases and the oedema and bruising are reabsorbed. This prevents fibrosis of the scars and also improves the state of the patient’s joints. These physiotherapeutic treatments for people suffering from obesity enable them to return to being able to exercise, a fundamental factor in fighting the disorder, as well as reducing fat.

Weight loss with Lipomassage

Another effective method for weight loss through physiotherapy, stretching the skin and avoiding stretch marks is Lipomassage. This technique enables the targeted reduction of fat in the legs, belly and waist. If accompanied by a low fat diet the treatment delivers results in only ten sessions. It works on sagging skin, reducing fluid retention and improves posture and musculature. It is appropriate for the patient to perform aerobic exercise after the session to eliminate the energy released by fats. At the same time, skin is stimulated with collagen, elastin and vitamin C to maintain its firmness. In addition to weight loss, the postural improvements that occur with this treatment also help to improve the patient’s figure.


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