Putting the patient first: why a team is needed for top facial surgery results

Written by: Mr Jonathan Britto
Edited by: Bronwen Griffiths

Approaching facial surgery as a team ensures the best appearance, health and psychological well-being for patients. Mr Jonathan Britto, a leading plastic surgeon, explains why this novel approach to facial aesthetic surgery is best for both the patient and the surgeon.

What is a multidisciplinary team (MDT)?

Facial restoration is a better experience within an MDT. A ‘facial MDT’ includes a plastic surgeon, a medical aesthetician, a psychologist, an experienced anaesthetist and a clinic nurse. They work to ensure that facial restorative or appearance-changing surgery benefits the patient, physically and mentally, and is aligned with their expectations.

What is twilight anaesthesia?

A mix of local anaesthetic, nerve blockers and intravenous sedation, allowing consciousness during surgery. The benefits in the face are significant. Every face has a ‘dynamic sweet spot’ allowing bespoke facial rejuvenation and restoration surgery. I can rebalance the dynamic facial features of the patient during surgery, their animated mobile face responding, without pain, to the surgical technique. As a result, I can be very precise.

How does this benefit patients?

We remove the risks of general anaesthesia and allow a faster recovery. There is no need to extubate the patient and there are minimal shifts in blood pressure.

I have been leading a ‘facial MDT’ for a few years and we’ve seen positive responses and results for this unique service. We believe that all appropriate facial restorative surgery should be done this way, with many benefits to the patient and surgeon.


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By Mr Jonathan Britto
Plastic surgery

Mr Jonathan Britto is a leading consultant plastic surgeon based in London and Essex. With 15 years in plastic surgical consultancy, he has earned his reputation as one of the most respected and authoritative voices in plastic, reconstructive, and craniofacial surgery. His specialties include aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery, where he brings the art and science of 25 years of study in facial development and restoration to his craft.

His clients also enjoy satisfying outcomes from his touch in aesthetic breast and body contour procedures.  At the cutting edge of his field, he is constantly developing and refining surgical and non - surgical techniques. Building a strong personal relationship with his clients is of utmost importance to him, and his philosophy in patient care is to inform, reassure, and give the required time to explain all the options for treatment.

His expertise is frequently called upon for complex and technically challenging cases, giving hope to many who might have lost trust. Meticulous in his craft he strives for the best, regularly presenting his results to peer review professional meetings around the world and in teaching sessions. He has written many books and book chapters, and learned papers for peer-reviewed journals on subjects from facial anatomy to craniofacial surgery to aesthetic rhinoplasty.

Mr Britto brings his professional authority and personal warmth to his patients and families, and provides a compassionate, welcoming service for the best possible clinical and personal outcomes.

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