Should I get a Brazilian butt lift?

Written by: Mr Dan Marsh
Edited by: Jay Staniland

The Brazilian butt lift procedure is a popular procedure to enhance the appearance of your buttocks or bum. According to the International Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery, the procedure has seen a 30% increase in popularity since 2014. It is designed to correct issues you may have with your behind, and give an appearance that you are happy with and to complement your body shape. Leading Harley Street plastic surgeon, Mr Dan Marsh helps you to answer the question: should I get a Brazilian butt lift?


How will a Brazilian butt lift help my body shape?


The procedure is designed to help improve some of the issues that can make some people self-conscious - issues such as:


  • Flat or sagging buttocks
  • Buttocks that are not symmetrical
  • Buttocks that are not proportionate to your figure
  • Poor shape

A Brazilian butt lift lifts the buttocks, making them fuller and firmer, giving an improved shape that complements your body.


How is a Brazilian butt lift procedure carried out?


The procedure has changed and become safer than the traditional procedure, where implants were inserted. The procedure now uses an injection of processed fat taken from other parts of your body, meaning there is much less chance of complications relating to infection, cysts and scarring, which can be caused by your body rejecting foreign material. Because your own fat is used, there is a much lower risk of infection.

The procedure is carried out in the following way:


  1. You will first have a liposuction procedure to take fat from other areas of your body, most commonly from the hips and stomach, which will be used for the butt lift.
  2. The fat will be processed and purified, ready for injection.
  3. A series of small injections are given to insert the fat into strategic places in the butt, wherever there is a need for firming up or reshaping.
  4. The size and shape of your buttocks are carefully sculpted to give the desired results.


What are the risks of a Brazilian butt lift?


One of the main risks associated with a Brazilian butt lift is during the injection of the fat into the buttocks. If the fat is injected too deep and into the muscle, it can cause serious problems, such as muscle necrosis. If you use a highly-experienced surgeon such as Mr Dan Marsh, this will be avoidable.

Patients undergoing the Brazilian butt lift procedure should also be aware that the size of the buttocks will decrease by around 50 to 60% six months after the operation, due to the absorption of fat. Following this period, the volume will stay stable.

The buttocks can be sore for a week or two following surgery, and you will be required to sleep on your front. The pain will gradually decrease over time. To achieve the best results, your surgeon will provide an aftercare programme to aid with recovery.

So, do you think a Brazilian butt lift is for you? Do you want to see an improvement to the shape of your behind? If so, make an appointment with a leading plastic surgeon with expertise in Brazilian butt lift.

Mr Dan Marsh

By Mr Dan Marsh
Plastic surgery

Mr Dan Marsh is a highly-experienced London-based plastic surgeon. He operates in various prominent clinics in the capital including on Harley Street and in the Royal Free Hospital. He specialises in all aspects of plastic and aesthetic surgery and embraces the ever-improving techniques and equipment to ensure his patients have the most comfortable experience and enjoy the very best results. He has been published extensively in over 30 peer-reviewed articles and has been awarded several prizes, including the Hackett Prize from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons for his work on reducing complications in plastic surgery.

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