Smile design: a straighter, whiter and beautifully natural-looking smile

Written by: Mr Ali Abdellatif
Edited by: Cameron Gibson-Watt

No one has the perfect teeth or the perfect smile. Very often, we see well-known pubic figures and celebrities with obvious ‘fake’ teeth trying to achieve that perfect smile. In the UK, we prefer a more natural look that enhances our smile and natural beauty without seeming too obvious.


Although we tend to fall behind the rest of Europe and America in the pursuit of a more attractive smile, this could be an advantage, deterring us from undergoing aggressive cosmetic dentistry which carries many risks. Fortunately, there are always safe ways to brighten-up our smiles without having to shave down or alter our natural teeth. Leading dentist, Mr Ali Abdelladif, gives us a quick overview of some of the more conservative approaches.

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How can I improve my smile?

The first thing someone should do when they want to improve their smile is to see an experienced dentist. Don’t limit yourself only to a ‘cosmetic dentist’ who might just focus on the appearance of your teeth and neglect their health. It can be detrimental to have the appearance of your teeth changed without having the health of your teeth and gums examined first.


Some young patients go to dentists asking for veneers: aesthetic solutions for covering damaged teeth and mask any dental problems or deformities. During the process, some of the shiny, enamel surface of the tooth is removed to make room for the veneer. Unfortunately, they don’t realise that their teeth are vital organs with a blood and nerve supply. These living parts of the teeth are larger in younger patients than in older.


Aggressive shaving of these teeth and removing the natural enamel can be devastating and lead to the death of their natural teeth. Cosmetic veneers still do have their application for the right type of patient as long as the health of the teeth is considered first and foremost.


Apart from veneers, there are several other smile design procedures that are less aggressive alternatives and produce fantastic results.


Invisible orthodontics and teeth whitening

For younger patients, I recommend invisible orthodontics to straighten the teeth, which is a system of clear, removable braces that are hard to see. We usually recommend combining this with gentle teeth whitening to really enhance the final result.


Dental bonding

Teeth can also be reshaped with our excellent bonding materials. Areas of deep discoloration can also be removed by abrasion or bonding. These treatments can buy time until the patient is older and their teeth can endure more aggressive treatments if they want.


Gum surgery

Gum surgery can rejuvenate thin, receded gums damaged by harsh tooth brushing. Gum tissue is replaced and reshaped to give the patient better gum contour that ‘drapes’ the teeth and improves the smile line. Often inexperienced dentists forget to focus on this and instead try to ‘fill’ the gaps created by a receding gum line, making the teeth look unnaturally long.


What should I look for in a dentist?

It’s very important that you visit an ethical dentist who also has experience in cosmetic dentistry treatments. This way, you can ensure that any treatment you receive is going to improve the overall health of your teeth and gums whilst enhancing them aesthetically. Every patient has different expectations and requirements, so tailor-made packages are created that take into account their age, their tooth anatomy and their lifestyles.


If you are interested in any of the treatments mentioned in this article, visit Mr Ali Abdellatif’s profile and book an appointment with him to talk about your options.

By Mr Ali Abdellatif

Mr Ali Abdellatif is a leading Hertfordshire-based dentist with specialist areas of expertise in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. He has been practising oral surgery and implantology since 2005, providing all types of dental implants from a single tooth to full restorations. With his expertise in aesthetic dental treatments, he can help patients achieve their dream smile via a variety of procedures such as composite bonding, prosthetics and general restoration.  

After graduating 1998 from the Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University in Egypt, Mr Abdellatif received extensive training and experience across Europe. He received training in oral surgery in the UK and also underwent training at Guy's Hospital, King College, where he graduated with his master's degree in implant dentistry in 2007. He also received specialist training in countries including France, Sweden and Germany. There he learnt advanced implantology from highly respected specialists across the continent. 

Mr Abdellatif has been practising for over twenty years, both privately and for the NHS. He is driven to provide the highest quality of care and treatment for his patients.  He is constantly educating himself to ensure his skills and knowledge remain up-to-date. 

He also teaches implant and advanced bone regenerative surgery across the UK, including at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Mr Abdellatif has memberships at the Association of Dental Implantologists UK and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 

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