The Brazilian bum lift – creating the perfect bum

Written by: Mr Foued Hamza
Published: | Updated: 08/04/2020
Edited by: Emma McLeod

The Brazilian bum lift has a reputation for simply being a procedure in which the surgeon gives the recipient a bigger bottom. But many doctors, such as Dr Foued Hamza, know that the curves of the body must be taken into consideration, as well as the desires of the patient. Here, he explains what exactly happens during a Brazilian bum lift, how the fat is distributed and what to expect post-treatment.


The photo is angled to directly face a woman's buttocks. She has one hand on each bum cheek and is gripping the fat.

What is a Brazilian bum lift procedure?

In this procedure, the patient’s own fat is removed from one area of the body and used to draw attention to the curves that they might already have, and/or would like to gain by inserting the removed fat into the bum cheeks. Due to the fact that no foreign objects are placed in the body, it can be considered one of the most safe and natural ways to enhance the buttocks.


Who is the typical candidate for a Brazilian bum lift?

Typical candidates for this procedure would be women who have a flat or sagging bum due to genetics, lifestyle or age, or perhaps they’ve had a significant weight loss which has changed the shape of their bum. In any case, with a cost that can reach up to £10,000, this procedure is for candidates who are unsatisfied with their bum and would seriously like to change its shape.


What happens during a Brazilian bum lift procedure?

Fat is removed by liposuction , typically from the patient’s thighs, abdomen, or hips, and is then treated and cleansed before being re-inserted back into the patient’s buttocks area.


According to Dr Hamza, a surgeon must take the shape of the entire body into account before withdrawing fat and placing it in the buttocks, as they need to consider how and exactly where the reshaping needs to be in relation to the rest of the body. The objective of this is to ensure that the enhancement of the bum seems natural. Some doctors, such as Dr Hamza, have so much experience that they have developed their own sculpting technique.


Fat transfer surgery is performed either under general anaesthetic or under local anaesthetic with sedation. As it is treated as a day case, the patient will usually not have to stay overnight and the entire surgical procedure typically takes one hour. Following the operation, there should be a quick recovery with no cuts and minimal scarring.


Are there side effects people should know about?

To minimise the risk of side effects as much as possible, only a trained and qualified surgeon should perform the procedure. If the fat is injected into the wrong area, such as deep in the gluteal muscle, it’s possible that fatal complications can occur.


What is the recovery period like and when can you sit down again?

The recovery period takes around one to two weeks and the patient is advised not to sit for three to four weeks after the procedure, if possible.


How should someone expect their bum to look after?

With a successful Brazilian bum lift, the patient’s bum will look larger but the highlight of the procedure is that their curves are much more visible and enhanced . The bum will look and feel 100% natural as no silicone or implants should be inserted.


Not only does the finished result last a lifetime, the bum will naturally adapt as the body grows and changes, which means that it won’t be obvious that a surgery was performed.


If you’d like to know more about Brazilian bum lifts or have been searching for a specialist to perform this procedure, don’t hesitate to contact Dr Foued Hamza on his profile.

By Mr Foued Hamza
Plastic surgery

Mr Foued Hamza is an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon based in London. He is ranked as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Europe, specialising in body contouring procedures including buttock enhancement (Brazilian butt lift), liposuction and breast surgery. He has a special interest in body and breast surgery and lipofilling.

He is highly regarded for his professionalism, expertise, mastery of techniques and artistic talent. He has developed his own unique body sculpting technique by combining the art of a clay sculptor and his impressive technical skills. This way he is able to achieve beautiful and natural results for his patients whilst at the same time enhancing safety and efficiency of the procedures.

He began studying medicine in Tunisia before moving to Paris, where he specialised in plastic and cosmetic surgery. During his time in France, between 1988 to 1997, he worked in top Parisian hospitals such as Saint-Louis and Henri-Mondor Hospitals and began building a name for himself across Europe. He is registered in the French Medical Council and a member of the French Board of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He now practices in the London Welbeck Hospital and is a registered specialist in the UK. He actively participates in international seminars and conventions and continues to work on improving surgery techniques.

Mr Hamza and his team practice in a modern and specialised clinic on Harley Street - completely equipped with the latest technologies. The team are committed to providing absolute care and satisfaction to every patient, offering innovative techniques, total security, efficiency and comfort in order to guarantee natural and satisfying results.

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