The Earfold® technique: a new solution for protruding ears

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Published: | Updated: 20/02/2020
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The Earfold® technique is a new, simple and effective way to treat protruding ears, and is a less invasive alternative to traditional otoplasty (ear surgery).

In previous articles we have discussed the Earfold® technique; what the implant is made of, how it is placed, what the process consists of, and what its effects are. Now, we want to focus on the recommended ages for the treatment, the benefits to the patient and the importance of solving the emotional complex with such a simple technique.

Who is the Earfold® technique suitable for?

It has been found that 80% of candidates are fit for Earfold®.

There is no maximum age for the treatment but it is not suitable for children under seven or eight years old.  The auricle (the part of the ear on the outside of the head) develops until the child’s seventh or eighth year and the Earfold® technique would interrupt its growth. Another reason to wait until the child is this age is that they will be mature enough to stay calm during the procedure.

As always, it will be the plastic surgeon who assesses whether this technique is appropriate for the patient, whether adult or child, and then it’s just a case of setting a date for the operation 

Photograph of patient after treatment EARFOLD®
Photograph of patient before treatment EARFOLD®











The Earfold® technique is particularly recommended for patients with blood coagulation problems or with specific allergies, since it is does not need to be performed in an operating theatre, unlike more traditional ear surgery, nor does it require anaesthesia. 

Results of the Earfold® technique

Until recently, the only technique to correct protruding ears was otoplasty. Since the introduction of the Earfold® technique, patients continuously request information about it and ask for advice, especially for their children, who are anxious about how their ears look and suffer the social consequences with their friends or at school.

Although otoplasty has always been a relatively simple ear operation, children are more reluctant to undergo this type of ear surgery since it involves general anaesthesia and going to the hospital, etc.

The EARFOLD® technique has put an end to this problem. It is minimally invasive and is suitable for treating protruding ears without any risk and without the need for ear surgery in an operating room. The procedure can be performed in about 20-40 minutes.

The results of an Earfold® operation are very positive and will be psychologically beneficial to a child who has suffered negativity because of their ears.

It should be noted that, before doing the operation, a simulation will be performed (Prefold) so that the patient can visualise the effect of the implant and really assess whether the effect that will be achieved is the desired one.

If you are considering any sort of corrective ear surgery, you should first consult your doctor or a specialist.


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