The latest trends in dental implants

Written by: Dr Amit Mohindra
Edited by: Lisa Heffernan

Implants have been widely used in dentistry for several decades. Over this time, the design of implants has been perfected and expectations of dental implants have significantly increased. It’s now well accepted that with thorough treatment planning, the use of 3D digital radiographs and models, implants can be placed precisely with very few complications.


Dr Amit Mohindra talks about the Navident system and how it has improved the placing of dental implants.



Dental implants can now be placed quickly, accurately, more safely and with a fast recovery. To make your dental implant treatment easier and more convenient,  The White Bridge Clinic has invested in the same state-of-the-art dynamic navigation technology that is the standard of care in spinal and neuro-surgery fields. This ensures that implants are placed with great precision and reduces the time taken to carry out the procedure.


What is the Navident navigation system?

The Navident system is a dynamic navigation system for freehand dental implant placement. The position for each implant is planned quickly and easily with Navident software. After registering the position of two optical tracking markers to the patient and drill, the software tracks the markers in real-time using a stereoscopic camera.


By using CBCT as a map, the navigation component of the software instructs the surgeon, on how and where to move their hand in real-time, much like a GPS guiding a driver. Continuous feedback is displayed through a simple graphic on the computer screen. This real-time tracking and guidance allow the surgeon to precisely guide the drill to the planned implant position, using a freehand technique.


What are the advantages of Navident?

  • Navident provides more accuracy when planning treatment
  • The outcome of implants can be better predicted
  • The state-of-the-art real-time computer guidance technology allows implants to be placed with more precision than ever before
  • A complex procedure is simplified
  • The need for complex grafting is reduced
  • Patients need smaller soft tissue incisions and stitches, leading to a faster recovery


What is the best dental implant option for me?

The best dental implant for you depends on your specific needs, the anatomy of bone present and your budget. Implants can be used to support single crowns, bridges to replace several teeth or dentures. Your dental surgeon will discuss your options with you in your initial dental consultation.


What does the future hold for dental implant surgery?

Dental implants are becoming very common. Most adults have, or know someone who has a dental implant. A lot of research is being done on stem cell growth to grow your own teeth back, however, this is in very early stages and dental implants will remain the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Thanks to digital planning, the placement of implants is becoming simpler and implants are being placed with greater accuracy, which means that they are lasting for much longer periods of time.


Are you considering dental implants? Dr Amit Mohindra is an implant and restorative dental surgeon in Oxford. You can check out his profile via our website.


By Dr Amit Mohindra

Dr Amit Mohindra is a skilled dentist based in Oxford. His areas of expertise include dental implants (including the Navigation implants system), sedation, and tooth replacement procedures. He also treats peri-implantitis. He has a special interest in digital dental implantology

Dr Mohindra qualified in dentistry from Birmingham University in 2002. He later earned his master's degree (MSc) in Dental Implantology. Through years of practising dentistry, he has perfected his skills, offering minimally invasive implant techniques to give patients the best cosmetic outcomes possible. He is dedicated to providing top quality patient care, making sure to meet his patients' dental needs. 

He has travelled abroad offering dental aid in both Brazil and Morroco with the Dental Mavericks charity (associated with the Eve Branson Foundation).

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