The treatment of tuberous breast

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Tuberous or tubular breast is a malformation that can affect one or both breasts. It is characterised by the under-development of breast tissue in the lower portion of the breast, and narrow base at the chest wall. No known cause has been identified but is a malformation that can psychologically affect the patient.



Diagnosis of tuberous breast


Before performing a surgical procedure, it is important to correctly diagnose the malformation.

The tubular breast usually presents in one or more of these ways:


  • Insufficient development of breast tissue in the lower part of the breast
  • Narrowing of the sub-mammary sulcus
  • Stretching of the nipple and areola
  • Herniation of the breast gland through the skin of the areola if the dermis is thin
  • Tubular shape of the breast


Tuberous breast surgery


In order to properly treat the tuberous breast, it is important to know what the ideal breast mass/size from an aesthetic point of view, as well as to specifically address the morphological problems of the breast deformity.


  1. The sub-mammary sulcus will be rebuilt at first, lowering it and repositioning it, so that the lower quadrants can be filled, which in this type of breast are always deficient.
  2. Treatment of the mammary gland must be performed by making sections in it so that it can expand once the implant is placed.
  3. Finally, all the signs of the tubular form of the areola and nipple area will have to be eliminated.

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