What is VASER liposuction and how can it be used in gynaecomastia surgery?

Written by: Dr Hassan Nurein
Edited by: Bronwen Griffiths

VASER liposuction uses ultrasonic sound waves to break down fat to contour and shape the body. Dr Hassan Nurein, an expert in gynaecomastic surgery, explains what VASER liposuction and how it differs from regular liposuction. He also explains how it can be used in gynaecomastia surgery. 

What is VASER liposuction and how is it different from ‘regular’ liposuction?

VASER liposuction is liposuction using VASER (vibration amplification of sound energy) which is ultrasound-based and offers a safer alternative to traditional liposuction. It uses an ultrasonic technique where an inaudible sound wave emulsifies and removes fat. It only targets the fat, which minimises damage to the surrounding tissue, such as bruising and scarring.

How is VASER liposuction performed?

VASER liposuction is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. I start by making a keyhole incision in the target area, in which I then insert a thin metallic tube.

The metallic tube will vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies to loosen the fat cells and break down the fat. I use suction to remove the fat from the body.

How can it be used to treat gynaecomastia?

VASER liposuction is used for body sculpting in gynaecomastia patients, as it helps to contour the chest when there is excess fat tissue in the chest area. As a trained body sculpting surgeon, I use VASER liposuction to enhance the results for my gynecomastia patients.

How effective is VASER liposuction in the treatment of gynaecomastia?

VASER liposuction is very effective and has many positive effects on gynaecomastia surgery. It reduces the risk of complications, such as irregularities and unevenness, minimises bruising, allows for a quicker surgery and reduces patient downtime after the procedure.

Do all gynaecomastia patients need VASER liposuction?

VASER liposuction is an essential part of gynaecomastia treatment, but not all patients need liposuction. When appropriate, VASER is simply a tool that helps me achieve a good result for my patients.

Some gynaecomastia patients have only fat in the chest area, so they only need liposuction. Other patients may have enlarged glands and they benefit from the removal of the gland, which is the breast tissue. Some patients have both enlarged glands and excess fat, and in those cases, I use gland excision paired with VASER liposuction to achieve the best result.

Is VASER liposuction for gynaecomastia safe?

As with any medical procedures, there are risks involved. However, VASER liposuction is a safer alternative to traditional liposuction, which minimises scarring, bruising and downtime. I perform it under local anaesthetic, which further decreases the risks of the procedure and reduces the surgery and recovery time.


If you are interested in seeking treatment for gynaecomastia, make an appointment with Dr Hassan Nurein.

Dr Hassan Nurein

By Dr Hassan Nurein
Aesthetic medicine

Dr Hassan Nurein is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specialises in gynaecomastia surgery. Dr Nurein is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and following his work with the NHS, he went on to provide specialised services for patients seeking male breast reduction, also known as gynaecomastia surgery. He is based both on the famed London Harley Street and in Sheffield.

Dr Nurein's passion for cosmetic surgery has allowed him to travel frequently to national and international conferences where he meticulously improves and refines his skills so that his patients continue to receive the best possible service. Dr Nurein has a patient-centered focus and always prioritises their needs and care.

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