What should I expect from my initial rhinoplasty consultation?

Written by: Mr Charles East
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Mr Charles East, leading consultant otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon, talks Top Doctors through some of the doubts and questions patients have before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery, and who patients should look for when deciding on a surgeon for the procedure. 

Why do people choose to have a rhinoplasty?

Successful rhinoplasty changes your nose to enhance your face and your general well-being for the better. Many request a rhinoplasty because they feel their nose is too big, too small, too wide, too broad, or too bulbous. It may be deviated and it may not function well. It may be a mixture of all of those issues. In modern rhinoplasty the procedure is very tailored, according to the exact needs of the individual. Every person is different and the operation takes into account not only your face shape, but also your skin type, your height, and other factors, so we want to achieve a natural-looking result that looks good and is durable and long-lasting.

Who should I choose to perform my rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty has evolved over the years from a procedure which took 30-40 minutes where three or four would be done in the morning to one that has become very specific and tailored. It’s clear that the best results are obtained by specialists who dedicate their time and life to this operation. That is, they regularly re-appraise themselves, they go to regular meetings, and update and audit their work. It’s important to choose a specialist who has regular and extensive experience in rhinoplasty as I have no doubt that this is the best for each patient. Of course, it’s important to remember that your first operation is the best chance of success. So do choose your specialist wisely.

What should I consider before undergoing nose surgery?

Probably one of the most important things in the journey is your initial consultation which I believe should be face to face with the specialist who may be undertaking your surgery. It is so important to understand all the small nuances, desires, anxieties, and concerns of an individual, and that may take 45 minutes to an hour and more than one consultation may be necessary. Communication is essential, and it is always better to be face-to-face. The consultation is usually supported by high quality photography. The modern use of morphine and imaging to create simulations has been very useful in helping a patient make a decision about what’s right for them.

How soon will I see results after a rhinoplasty procedure?

Another important issue in the rhinoplasty journey, apart from the technical aspect, is to understand the journey that you will go through. This is not a one-week or six-week journey, but it usually takes somewhere between six and 18 months before you get to see what we might call a final result. Sometimes it can be difficult for the patient to comprehend that, so I always make a point to go through the issues and the likely changes that will happen during that timeframe so that the patient isn’t disillusioned in the early days after rhinoplasty.

Mr Charles East

By Mr Charles East
Otolaryngology / ENT

Mr Charles East is one of London's top consultant otolarynogologists and facial plastic surgeons. His specialties include aesthetic and functional plastic surgery of the nose (such as rhinoplasty and nose jobs), and the treatment of nasal and sinus diseases. After graduating in 1980 from Univeristy College London, Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, he was awarded the Hallett Prize by the Royal College of Surgeons of England before continuing his ENT training at Oxford, London and Seattle. 

As well as being lead clinician for the rhinoplasty service at the Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital, he also forms part of the craniofacial surgery team at University College Hospital Foundation Trust. He is a member of BAAPS, a board member of both the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe, and the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, he is a highly resepected practitioner of his field, with many years of experience developing his expertise. His reputation earned him the title 'Best for Noses' for six years running in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide.

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