Why have dental implants?

Written by: Dr Shirin Parsno
Published: | Updated: 05/08/2019
Edited by: Laura Burgess

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth and can be more reliable than dentures. Whilst dentures need regular upkeep, implants can be treated like natural teeth once they are in place. They can even hold up better against tooth decay, so long as the patient adheres to good oral hygiene as advised by dentists.

Leading London cosmetic dentist and implantologist Dr Shirin Parsno believes that even though there are a number of restorative options for missing teeth, none have proven to be as effective as implants. Here she explains the reasons why dental implants are the wiser choice…

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants can behave and look like a natural tooth whereas dentures and removal bridges can often become loose and unstable. Implants offer the same force for biting as bridges that are fixed in place, yet implants will last a lifetime. Other benefits include:

  • Implants prevent bone loss – placing a dental implant in the jaw bone stimulates new bone growth (osseointegration) in the missing site.
  • They support facial structure – bone loss can age the appearance around the mouth, which impacts the whole face. Implants can keep the jaw strong.
  • The treatment is cost effective – the lifelong cost of implants is money well-worth spent as other restoration tools may need to be replaced regularly, which can be costly.
  • Dental implants won’t limit what you eat – they are stable and strong, which means that most people are able to eat and drink as normal. Dentures don’t tend to stay in place and it is harder to eat food that is tough, such as steak.
  • They are easy to care for – dental implants require the same care as a natural tooth, such as brushing and flossing at least twice a day and regular check-ups at the dentist.

What are the cons of having dental implants?

Having implants fitted does carry a few risks as it is actual surgery, which involves implanting the titanium rod into the bone of the jaw. As this is a surgical procedure, most people will experience varying degrees of discomfort or pain. This will pass within a few days. There may be bruising and minor swelling shortly after the procedure. The crown (the false tooth placed on top) will need to be replaced in 10-15 years. There is also a risk of peri-implantitis if the patient does not follow good oral hygiene. Smokers and patients with high cholesterol are at higher risk of contracting peri-implantitis.

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Dr Shirin Parsno

By Dr Shirin Parsno

Dr Shirin Parsno is a renowned cosmetic dentist and implantologist based at her exclusive Nova Dental Care clinic in north London. She specialises in cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as veneers and crowns, as well as implantology. Dr Parsno graduated from the famed Karolinska Institutet, Sweden in 1996 and was awarded the diplomate, the highest award, of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) in 2013.

Dr Parsno works with a very experienced team at Nova Dental Care, and together they make sure that patients are given the best possible treatment and level of care. Alongside this, Dr Parsno also commits her time as a consultant implantologist at other London practices. In a year, she will take on more than one hundred cases, some of which are extremely complex.

Also an active researcher, Dr Parsno has recently focused on the uses of nanotechnology in implantology and bone grafting. Alongside this, she is a guest lecturer at a number of institutes, such as the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Istanbul Aydin University. She also offers up her time to mentor implant dentists.

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