Young, fresh and natural: What could a deep facelift do for you?

Written by: Mr Giovanni Ferrando
Edited by: Sophie Kennedy

The signs of ageing can cause a drooping in some muscular structures, leading to sagging skin and a tired appearance in the face and neck. Cosmetic procedures including deep facelifts can drastically freshen and rejuvenate the appearance of the face and neck but expertise is essential in ensuring that the results look natural. In this detailed guide to deep facelift cosmetic treatment, leading consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Giovanni Ferrando explains what patients should expect from the procedure itself and the post-surgery results. The renowned specialist also details the advantages of deep facelift procedures over mini facelifts and explains the importance of treating both the neck and face in order to achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance.



What is a deep facelift? How does it differ from a mini facelift?


A deep facelift is a cosmetic procedure which aims to lift the deeper layers of the face for a total rejuvenation of the face and neck.


Therefore, this operation differs from a mini facelift which only intends to lift the skin on its most superficial layer, often resulting in an unnaturally stretched face. Besides, the results of the so called ‘mini-face lift’ last a very short time, despite the patient undergoing a procedure with a similar recovery time to a deeper facelift when performed by an expert surgeon.


For these reasons, I always advise the patient to opt for a deeper face lift. The result is definitely more natural, lasting and enjoyable.



Why does a deep or complete facelift give a more natural appearance?


A deep facelift, if well performed, gives patients a more natural appearance. This is achieved by the pulling up of the deep structure, allowing the skin to follow naturally. There is no tension or unnatural shape and therefore the patient looks younger, fresher and natural without changing their expression or showing that they have undergone surgery.



Who is the ideal candidate for a complete facelift?


The ideal candidate for a complete facelift is a patient in her fifties. In most cases, the skin and muscular structure, especially in the neck, has dropped or is starting to drop in women of this age. Sometimes, however, my patients are younger, especially when they have lost weight rapidly.


During a deep facelift, the surgeon has to take special care of the neck and this should actually be the first stage of the surgery. A young neck with a fresh, relaxed face is what should be expected from a facelift.


Unfortunately, much too often I see patients who have undergone a face surgery without considering the neck. I must say that I do not like this type of result, as the two areas are too close to together to have such different appearances. A rejuvenated face on an old neck is not a good result and it makes it clear that the patient has undergone surgery.



Are there any potential side effects of a deep face lift?


I am definitely in favour of a deep face lift. At the end of the day, all operations - be they large or small - have similar risks and require a comparable period of recovery, especially in terms of scar healing.


The risks involved in the deep facelift procedure are mainly the same as those of any type of surgery: bleeding, infection and slow recovery time amongst others. It’s important to remember that these complications are rare and are very much less likely to occur if the surgery is performed by an expert and skilled surgeon.



What can patients expect from the recovery period following a deep facelift?


The recovery time is a couple of weeks during which time the face is a little swollen. Commonly, however, patients go back to normal life sooner than this. With my personal technique, bruising is very uncommon. Patients usually report no pain at all, although a little discomfort should be expected.


The stitches on the ears are removed six or seven days after surgery and those remaining are removed after about fifteen days. It is advisable to wear a special garment, which is purposely made, whilst at home and also during the night for a few weeks following surgery.


This is general advice but follow-up appointments are required to tailor the recovery period for each individual.




Mr Giovanni Ferrando is a highly experienced consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is renowned for his use of innovative techniques and attention to detail which allow him achieve excellent results for his patients. If you think a deep facelift could be right for you and wish to book a consultation with Mr Ferrando, you can do so by visiting his Top Doctors profile.

By Mr Giovanni Ferrando
Plastic surgery

Mr Giovanni Ferrando is a vastly experienced consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon with private clinics in London and Italy. He is known for his innovative and pioneering work in designing and developing new techniques to be used in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, and has a very keen attention to detail, always striving to achieve natural-looking results. He specialises in all kinds of aesthetic surgery, with special interest in rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, Botox injections on other less invasive aesthetic medicine treatments. 

When performing surgery on a patient, Mr Ferrando prefers to take time to study the proportions of the patient's face, and also gets to know the patient well to make a decision on what the best nose for the patient would be. He personally draws a portrait of the patient to see the desired results, and to use the same hand to craft the drawing that will perform the surgery. This part of the process is important to Mr Ferrando in ensuring the best results are achieved. 

Alongside his clinical practice, Mr Ferrando devotes time to giving talks about his profession, and is a regular contributor to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal, and is currently writing a book on rhinoplasty. 

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