Counselling or psychological advice

What is counselling?

Counselling is a type of therapy which allows the patient to talk through their emotional issues and difficulties with a trained professional. Counselling can help with many different issues, including mental health disorders, medical conditions, frustrating and difficult emotions, and life events (e.g divorce, bereavement).

Why seek counselling?

There are many reasons an individual may be referred to or ask for a counsellor. Thoughts, emotions, and feelings can be difficult to deal with alone, and processing ideas and thoughts may be easier with someone who can provide support and listen without judgement. Counselling can also help with behavioural issues, such as anger, which can be difficult for the individual to control and confront.

What does counselling involve?

Counselling can be offered in just a single session, a course of sessions which may happen over a few weeks, months, or an extended period of time, or much longer courses which will be set for several years. The amount of sessions required depends on the individual and the issue they are facing.

Counselling can be offered in various ways, always involving a trained individual who is able to listen to the patient and support them. However, counselling does not seek to give advice or give the patient instructions on what they should do. Counselling can take place in person, or it can come in other forms, such as group therapy. In some cases counselling can be offered over the phone or online, for example through live chat or email.

How can counselling help?

Counselling can help in different ways, depending on the individual and what they are experiencing. While counselling does not outline what should be done next, and generally advice is not given, it can help the individual come to terms which the way they see their issues, their life, and even the relationships they have with others.

Counselling can help people to understand the way they think, which over time helps them to understand the way they view and tackle their problems. It can also help them to understand other people’s points of view. Overall counselling can help people to come to terms with what they are going through, and help them to feel more positive about their issues by talking through them.  

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