ER surgery

What is emergency surgery?

ER or emergency surgery or emergency general surgery is surgery performed in situations where there is an acute threat to life, organ or tissue. Such a threat may be caused by illness, surgical complication, trauma, or an acute change in a chronic illness. Emergency surgery is something that many types of specialist will have training in, in particular any consultants dealing with the abdominal cavity, thoracic cavity, vascular tissues, and urological issues.

Surgeons perform emergency surgery on a patient.

When is emergency surgery required?

Emergency surgery is required when a patient presents a symptom, illness or injury that is a threat to their life, organs or tissue.

Common needs for emergency surgery include:

What does emergency surgery involve?

Like other forms of surgery, anaesthesia will be given and the area for surgery prepared in terms of cleaning sterilising. Depending on the emergency, blood transfusions may be required, as well as IV fluids to replace any loss of fluids during the surgery.

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