Myofunctional therapy

Specialty of Speech therapy

Myofunctional therapy (MFT) is a method used for the prevention and rehabilitation of dysfunctions or imbalances in the orofacial muscles (those involved in speech) with the aim of achieving proper coordination of the muscles. Among the various disorders that can cause these imbalances, the most common are facial and craniofacial defects, imbalances in the structure of the teeth or jaw, degenerative disease, trauma or stroke. To correct these malfunctions, myofunctional therapy is based on the analysis, diagnosis and personalised treatment, including exercises aimed at the rehabilitation of the affected muscles to improve speech in the patient and to strengthen their self-esteem. Furthermore, coordination of the orofacial muscles involves adopting new habits of breathing, articulation and swallowing, as these can also cause imbalances in bone structure and musculature of the mouth.
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