Paediatric nephrology

Specialty of Paediatric nephrology

What is paediatric nephrology?

Paediatric nephrology is a subspecialty of nephrology, the field of medicine specialising in treating kidney and urinary tract conditions. Paediatric nephrology specifically treats these conditions in children and teenagers. It is essential that such conditions are prevented, accurately diagnosed and timely treated, otherwise complications such as kidney failure may arise in the future.

What conditions does paediatric nephrology treat?

Some of the most commonly treated conditions are:

When do I need to see a paediatric nephrologist?

You should always remember that kidney and urinary tract conditions affecting children and teenagers are different from the ones affecting adults, so you’ll need to see a doctor with a specialised skillset in order to correctly and accurately diagnose those conditions. That is why if your GP thinks there may be a kidney or urinary tract condition, you and your child will be referred to a paediatric nephrologist.

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