Personalised diet

Specialty of Nutrition & dietetics

Maintaining a balanced diet, practicing exercise and not consuming products that could become risk factors for health are the three basic components to maintaining a good quality of life. A diet is not only based on the foods consumed, but also on the healthy upkeep of the body. In a personalised diet, a balanced diet is prescribed, and a suitable amount of physical exercise is recommended, taking into account existing daily activities and responsibilities. Conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol and stress are also taken into account where necessary.

What is a personalised diet?

A personalised diet is the concept of improving a patient’s health based on changes to their diet and exercise regime, ensuring they get the necessary nutrition and level of exercise to speed up their recovery, or improve or maintain their health level.

The patient’s personalised diet should take into consideration their individual characteristics such as age, gender, height/weight, BMI, diet and environment. Special consideration should also be made for patients suffering with long-term illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease among others.

What are the benefits of a personalised diet?

A change to the diet can be a difficult challenge for many people, with many people finding a change to the usual items they consume to be a difficult habit to change.

However, with the support of advances in the nutrition sector, and a greater understanding of the science behind the kinds of nutrition needed and how they benefit the body in different ways, change becomes more manageable.

A personalised diet can help you to live healthier for longer, rather than living your later years managing different conditions. A personalised nutrition and exercise regime can help people to live healthier and stay more active much longer in life.

Furthermore, an improved diet can help to overcome many illnesses, or even prevent contracting them in the first place, as a healthier diet leads to a stronger metabolism.

The future of personalised nutrition

As understanding of the molecular basis of nutrition improves, so does the understanding of nutrigenomic techniques that have increased the understanding of how biological organisms work. This means that through metabolic profiling, a person’s health can be better understood, and an even more specific, personalised diet can be created for the individual, and dietary responses, rather than medication can be applied.

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