What is Rezūm?

Rezūm is a new minimally-invasive treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) aimed at relieving lower urinary tract symptoms. It can be performed under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic.

When is Rezūm needed?

Rezūm is one of a range of treatments for BPH aimed mainly at relieving the symptoms rather than necessarily stopping the growth of the prostate. Rezūm cannot stop the growth of the prostate, but because it avoids any damage to the surrounding tissue, it can be repeated in the future if needed.

Rezūm can be a good option if the patient wants to avoid a more invasive treatment that could result in damage to their sexual function, or if they want to avoid the side effects of medication.

What does Rezūm involve?

Rezūm involves delivering a targeted shot of water vapour to the affected tissue in the prostate. The water disperses through the tissue, releasing heat. This heat then causes the cells to die. The treated tissue is gradually reabsorbed by the body and the space around the prostate is thereby opened up.

The number of steam injections required depends on the size of the prostate, but in all cases the treatment is very quick.

Are there any risks to the procedure?

Rezūm is a safe procedure with a very low level of risk. Around 4% of patients report an adverse effect on ejaculation.


Rezūm is performed as a day case procedure, so you will normally be able to go home on the same day. You should be able to return completely to normal activities within a few days.

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