Shoulder prosthesis

Specialty of Orthopaedic surgery

The shoulder prosthesis is the replacement of the joint with a piece of synthetic material by surgical intervention. This operation is performed in cases where the shoulder joint is severely damaged by osteoarthritis. This technique achieves a reduction of pain and a restoration of mobility. In the shoulder prosthesis a metal piece is attached to the humerus head and a piece of polyethylene to the shoulder blade, both sealed with cement or embedded. There is also the inverted shoulder prosthesis for patients over 60 years old, to recover mobility of the shoulder. In the inverted prosthesis, the receiver is placed in the place of the humeral head, and where the receiver should be located, the humeral head is placed. These prostheses are indicated in cases of massive rupture of tendons, with no possibility of repair, to which certain joint osteoarthritis is associated.

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