Spinal endoscopy

What is it?

A spinal endoscopy is a treatment which is classified as a minimally invasive surgery. It allows surgeons to operate on herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and other spinal conditions.

A thin tube with a camera on the end is inserted so that the procedure can be done with minimal incisions. Thanks to the high resolution images that the surgeons see during the procedure, they are able to get a detailed picture of the area and perform meticulous procedures with a high degree of accuracy.

Why would you do it?

Surgery is normally carried out on patients who have a slipped disc or lumbar canal stenosis. It is normally performed on patients where other treatments have not been effective.

What does it involve?

The surgery involves introducing a small endoscope through the coccyx, which enables the inner spinal canal to be seen. A light is then shined upon it to get high resolution images of the damaged spinal areas. The main aim of the operation is to remove part of the scarred tissue from the trapped nerves. Thanks to the way this procedure is done, medication to numb the area can be administered directly and reach the affected areas faster.

Post-operative care

Recovery time is quicker than with traditional types of surgery. The patient can largely follow their normal routine upon leaving the hospital, but will have to come back two weeks later to remove any stitches or staples left after the incision.

There are some things that may cause some discomfort so patients are recommended to avoid rigorous exercise, especially contact sports. After a month or month and a half the patient will be able to fully get back to their daily routine, including any sports they enjoy.

Alternative treatments

A spinal endoscopy is presently one of the most advanced types of surgery. An alternative option to this treatment is open spine surgery. The advantages of spinal endoscopy compared to open spine surgery include that the risk of injury is lower as the incision precision is greater. Bleeding and muscle injury is also lessened as recovery is much quicker.

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