Xen implant

What is the XEN® implant?

The XEN® implant, also known as the XEN® gel stent, is designed to lower pressure in the eyes in those with open-angle glaucoma. The implant is particularly recommended in those who have had previous surgical treatments which have failed.

Why is it done?

The XEN® system is used to treat refractory glaucoma. It can be used even when previous surgeries have not proved successful, and in cases where glaucoma has not responded to other types of treatment or therapy.

How is the XEN® implant inserted?

The XEN® implant is a very tiny tube which is inserted into the eye, which creates a small channel within the eye, allowing fluid to be drained and pressure reduced. The implant is inserted through a clear corneal incision under the conjunctiva, a clear membrane covering the white of the eye.


After the procedure, your eye may look a little bloodshot and it could be swollen for a couple of days. You also may feel as if there is grit or something similar in your eye. As the anaesthetic wears off after the procedure, your vision may be a little blurry.

To clean the eye after surgery, bathe the eyelid with a cotton wool paid soaked in water which has been boiled then cooled. You will be advised not to do any strenuous activity in the month following the procedure, and you should check with your ophthalmologist when you can safely drive again.

You may need to use eye drops after the procedure, either for a period or indefinitely. Your ophthalmologist will advise you.


The XEN® implant is designed to permanently correct glaucoma, and stays in the eye. It is generally used after other, more traditional methods of glaucoma treatment have failed, such as medication, or glaucoma surgery.

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