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How do people get frozen shoulder?

The majority of people who develop frozen shoulder do so for no known reason at all. Although the condition is usually self-limiting and the tightness in the shoulder spontaneously resolves to a large extent, it may take up to two years for the shoulder to heal. Mr Keith Borowsky talks to us about frozen shoulder and if a frozen shoulder could signal an underlying condition.

What is intestinal failure? An expert gastroenterologist explains

Intestinal failure is becoming more common but still remains the rarest type of ‘organ failure’. Consultant gastroenterologist, Dr Shameer Mehta, practices alongside specialist nurses, dieticians and pharmacists at one of the few specialist hospitals in the UK that treat intestinal failure. He offers us an overview of this rare condition.

Childhood behavioural disorders and how to positively treat them

There is a large range of reasons for unruly behaviour, and it can be difficult to know whether a child or teenager’s difficult behaviour is “normal” or a sign of an underlying issue. Dr Maite Ferrin, a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry, clarifies what to look out for and how to deal with behavioural problems in a positive manner.

The advanced DEXA scan

An advanced DEXA scan is a diagnostic tool which looks at the apparent density of a patient’s bone to discover the risk of osteoporosis and identify fractures and breaks. Professor David Reid, a highly skilled rheumatologist and a winner of the 2018 Top Doctors Awards, clarifies what this type of DEXA scan offers, how it differs from the standard DEXA scan, who should be scanned, if it’s safe, how it’s performed, as well as what to expect after results.

Coping with Low Vision

Low vision is typically defined as a condition in which a person’s vision cannot be fully corrected by glasses and the level of vision is such that there is significant interference with performing daily activities such as reading and driving. Ophthalmologist Mr Dominic McHugh talks about what causes low vision and what devices are available to help people with vision problems.

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