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PCOS and its effect on body weight

For some women who live with polycystic ovary syndrome, they may find it very hard to lose weight due to their raised insulin levels, which can be triggered by eating processed carbohydrates. Here one of our expert gynaecologists and fertility specialists Mr Himanshu Borase explains how you can keep your weight in check if you live with PCOS.

Overcoming dental phobia with Dr Sanders

Due to a negative experience in her childhood, Sue had developed a serious phobia of visiting the dentist and dreaded the thought of undergoing any dental treatment. Thanks to Peter Sanders and his understanding of phobias, however, Sue has received first-class dental care over the last 35 years. Here she explains why she values his care so highly to show you that Dr Sanders could be the right dentist for you.

Exercise testing

An exercise test, also known as a stress test, evaluates how well your heart can cope with physical exertion. You may need this done for a medical test for work or perhaps your heart has shown irregularities. Dr Sukhjinder Nijjer regularly performs this test and in this article, he explains all you need about this test and how to prepare.

What is the best treatment for golfer’s elbow?

After the winter break, injuries to unused and untrained muscles are likely to occur for many golfers. One of the most common of these injuries is golfer's elbow. To prepare for this, Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan has put together this helpful guide explaining the various treatments available and the most effective ways to alleviate pain and symptoms.

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