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Top 6 aesthetic treatments of 2018 – the expert’s verdict

Escrito por: Dr Nikola Milojevic
Editado por: Cal Murphy

As the ever-changing field of aesthetic medicine advances into 2018, we turned to one of our experts in the field to find out which aesthetic treatments he thought would prove the most popular this year. Dr Nick Milojevic is the owner of the Milo Clinic – the leading aesthetic clinic in London’s Harley Street. One of the UK’s leading aesthetic doctors and a key opinion leader, he offers some advice on how to repair and rejuvenate skin, with his predictions for the top 6 aesthetic treatments of 2018:


Stress can cause small wrinkles around the eyes, and your skin can become looser and less lifted than it used to be. Skinbooster treatments refresh the skin, giving it a natural, rejuvenated appearance by eliminating scars, wrinkles and pores, and giving it its old shine back. This treatment, which Dr Milojevic dubs “medical mesotherapy”, is quick and painless. When used in combination with dermal roller and dermastamp microneedling treatments, the results can be spectacular.


Botox for wrinkles

Still often regarded as the best method of wiping out crows’ feet, forehead lines and frown lines, Botox injections are popular as ever, and the techniques and technology keeps advancing. New low-dose “baby Botox” seems to be the new trend, creating a more natural appearance with smaller injections and longer gaps between treatments than traditional Botox.

Dr Milojevic has often been dubbed “the Botox king” by the UK media, and for good reason – he is one of the country’s most experienced Botox doctors. His expertise allows him to only painlessly remove wrinkles, and so much more: he can narrow your face, tighten your jawline (using his “Nefertiti neck lift” technique), and even reduce a gummy smile.


Lips like Meghan Markle in 2018

Perhaps 2018’s most popular aesthetic treatment will be lips like those of soon-to-be royal Meghan Markle; that is certainly Dr Milojevic’s prediction. Using his “heart shape” technique, he is able to give his patients the lips they desire, whether it be more akin to Meghan Markle or Kylie Jenner.


Medical creams and peels

Sun damage and even pregnancy can cause unusual pigmentation or melasma on the skin. Not to worry, however; there a number of medical creams and peels available that work miracles on the skin, wiping away these unwanted patches of pigment and leaving you with smooth, rejuvenated skin.


Dermal fillers for volume loss

When we age, our skin can lose its elasticity and start to sag. If you have noticed this sort of volume loss in your face, there is a solution: dermal fillers. Dr Milojevic likens the scenario to that of a balloon – as we age, the natural proteins that lift our face start to break down, like a balloon deflating, but by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers, the “balloon” is re-inflated. Your skin will regain its full, smooth, youthful appearance.


‘Wow’ treatments for immediate results

People from all over the world to Dr Nick Milojevic’s London clinic for his famous ‘wow’ treatments. These non-surgical eyebag removal treatments, and nose shaping and straightening procedures are known as ‘wow’ treatments as they yield immediate, visible results. The procedures are painless and last just 10 minutes. Without the aid of a scalpel, it is possible to make the nose straighter and thinner, and even though volume is being added, the nose actually looks smaller. Dr Milojevic is also able to hide eye bags with dermal fillers.

As technology and techniques in aesthetic medicine continue to advance, more options become available all the time, such as fractionated beam technology to reduce loose skin on the upper eyelid without performing surgical blepharoplasty.


Dr. Milojevic is one of the pioneers and innovators of this non-surgical branch of aesthetic medicine. One of the first doctors in UK to use Botox to treat wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to eliminate eye bags and straighten noses, he has performed more than 20,000 cases of dermal fillers and Botox. 

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Por Dr Nikola Milojevic
эстетическая медицина

Доктор Никола Милоевич является одним из самых известных анти Европы - возраст, лица экспертов по омоложению, практикующий как в эксклюзивном Мило клиники в Лондоне и в его родную Хорватии. Он известен во всем мире своими нехирургическими процедурами высокого калибра, такими как кожное пломбирование , ботокс и специальность удаления мешков под глазами. За последние 10 лет его новаторские методы помогли десяткам тысяч пациентов выглядеть на несколько лет моложе и чувствовать себя великолепно.

Его часто называют главным экспертом по омоложению кожи в Великобритании. Он появлялся в таких публикациях, как Tatler, Marie Claire и Sunday Times, а также в телевизионных передачах на 5-м канале, Sky News и MTV.

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