The OAD Clinic: Providing world-leading alcohol addiction treatment in uncertain times

Escrito por: Dr Oscar D’Agnone
Publicado: | Actualizado: 14/07/2021
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This past year, many people’s drinking habits have been significantly affected by the unfortunate restrictions as a consequence of COVID.  

This change has been for the worse for a large amount of people. Stress, anxiety and coping with what seems like a never-ending certainty or just spending more time at home, are some of the reasons why alcohol consumption may have increased or happened when it previously didn’t.

Various studies have shown that there is a significant increase in drinking alcohol among men and women of all ages in the UK. Demand for support has in turn lead to longer waiting times in the NHS, so an alternative option would be to visit The OAD Clinic.

Founder, and internationally-renowned psychiatrist, academic and author, Dr Oscar D’agnone, leads a committed team which offers patients the latest world-class support and treatments for mental health and alcohol addiction.


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Where is The OAD Clinic and what does it offer?

The clinic, a short walk from Sloane Square in central London, has a well-established outpatient centre for mental health and addiction. It has been open throughout the pandemic, which has enabled The OAD Clinic team to provide their expert service to a growing intake of patients from around the UK and globally. 



What other addiction and mental health support does The OAD Clinic offer?

The OAD Clinic specialises in:

  • Alcohol recovery
  • Drug and painkiller addiction
  • ADHD
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Complex pain

We pride ourselves in our personalised and holistic approach. We believe in treating people, not conditions or disorders.



What’s the difference between a full-time rehab facility and outpatient treatment for alcohol addiction? 

The team is confident that outpatient treatment is the best option despite many not thinking beyond traditional ‘rehab’ or ‘detox’ options should we need to stop drinking alcohol. Outpatients provides the opportunity to access treatment that fits around a person’s work, study or family so they are able to still live in the community and engage in day-to-day life.

Also, residential treatment is a big commitment, regarding both time and finance. Intensive clinical interventions may be more suited for this but outpatients should always be considered as the first choice.



Can you provide more detail about The OAD Clinic’s alcohol addiction programmes?

Initially, a comprehensive assessment for all programmes takes place. A consultant psychiatrist formulates an individual treatment plan based on the assessment.

A complete spectrum of needs is covered, including:

  • Medication-assisted detox
  • Building a healthier relationship with alcohol
  • Relapse prevention

All interventions are delivered by doctors and therapists on a one-to-one basis, in person or online, regardless of the overall goal of the programme.

The OAD Clinic’s programmes consider individual and family needs, as patients are always encouraged to involve their loved ones in their treatment journey.

They consist of a tailored combination of:

  • Medical treatment
  • Psychotherapy
  • Workshops
  • Family or couple sessions

The clinic offers SoberLife for people in early recovery, which is a unique cloud-based alcohol monitoring system. It uses a discreet breathalyser with facial recognition technology. The results, which are realtime, are sent to the patient, their family and clinician. This assists in providing accountability and ultimately achieving long-term recovery.

SoberLife is a popular part of relapse treatment and can also be used for legal cases where sobriety needs to be evidenced.



How long do I have to wait for an appointment at The OAD Clinic?

The OAD Clinic can offer same-day consultation, diagnosis and, if needed, treatment beginning on the same day. We have no waiting times and can offer treatments not currently available on the NHS. Plus, all major health insurance policies and self-funding patients are accepted.



To start your journey to a happier and healthier future, visit Dr Oscar D’Agnone’s Top Doctors profile where you can get in touch with him and The OAD Clinic in the strictest of confidence.

Por Dr Oscar D’Agnone

El Dr. Oscar D'Agnone MD MRCPsych es uno de los psiquiatras y especialistas en adicciones médicas más veteranos y respetados del Reino Unido, y se especializa en trastornos de ansiedad , adicciones , problemas relacionados con el alcohol , traumatismos (TEPT), depresión y TDAH . Actualmente es CEO y Director Médico de Seagrave Healthcare / The OAD Clinic, una institución privada líder que brinda tratamiento de salud mental y adicciones en el centro de Londres por más de 15 años.

Hasta noviembre de 2018, el Dr. D'Agnone fue profesor honorario de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas y Humanas de la Universidad de Manchester, miembro del Royal College of Psychiatrists y de la Sociedad Internacional de Medicina de Adicciones.

Con más de 35 años de experiencia como psiquiatra consultor en el tratamiento de pacientes con problemas de salud mental y adicciones, el Dr. D'Agnone ofrece intervenciones psiconeurofarmacológicas complejas para manejar o resolver situaciones difíciles para sus pacientes y sus familias que sufren las consecuencias de problemas de salud mental. A lo largo de su carrera, ha ocupado muchos puestos directivos, liderando grandes equipos de médicos, enfermeras y psicólogos a través de diversos entornos de tratamiento en Europa y América. Como resultado, ha obtenido una rica experiencia clínica que le ha permitido desarrollar y ofrecer un enfoque pragmático centrado en el problema de la variedad de intervenciones farmacológicas y psicosociales para sus pacientes.

El Dr. D'Agnone ha enseñado en muchas universidades e instituciones europeas y americanas y ha publicado numerosos artículos médicos y libros sobre adicciones y ha publicado ampliamente en la prensa médica profesional. Además, a menudo se presenta en conferencias científicas nacionales e internacionales notables y es el asesor principal de varios gobiernos y productos farmacéuticos sobre la estrategia política y la investigación y desarrollo de nuevos medicamentos.

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