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Appendicitis symptoms, causes and prevention

The appendix is a very small pouch that is attached to the large bowel, however, nobody knows what its exact purpose is. We do, however, know that removing the appendix is not harmful. Sometimes the appendix can become inflamed, which requires urgent medical attention. This is known as appendicitis. Mr James Kirkby-Bott, an experienced general surgeon, provides us with a summary of this condition, which is one to be aware of.

What are corneal ulcers?

Corneal ulcers are painful sores that develop on the cornea (the transparent layer on the front of the eye that covers the pupil, iris and anterior chamber). Professor Parwez Hossain, a leading ophthalmologist, details what this eye condition is and why they are important to be aware of. Whilst corneal ulcers are dangerous to our vision, they are not all that uncommon either.

What is lymphoedema and how is it treated?

Lymphoedema is a condition characterised by the swelling of the limbs caused by fluid retention. Fluid retention occurs in patients with this condition because their lymphatic system is unable to properly drain the lymph fluid. In many cases, it is the legs, arms and fingers that become swollen. It can be a difficult condition to live with, as it can cause discomfort, pain and difficulty moving. Mr Damir Kosutic, a top plastic surgeon, details the treatments available for lymphoedema, which include surgery, liposuction, and combining it with breast reconstruction surgery.

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