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The pros and cons of a virtual colonoscopy

Colonoscopies after the age of 50 become a regular procedure to check inside the colon for abnormalities. Nowadays, a virtual colonoscopy is available to patients and offers a non-invasive and less aggressive alternative to a regular colonoscopy. But what happens during the procedure and can it offer more reliable results? Dr John Martin, a leading gastroenterologist in London, explains what a virtual colonoscopy is and why it might be right for you.

Rectal bleeding: Why is there blood in my stool?

Finding blood in your stool and not knowing what's caused it can be frightening. Most of the time it's not something to be worried about and the reason for it can be discovered after a quick visit to your doctor. But, on rare occasions, further tests are need to find out exactly what's going on. Professor Richard Cohen, a leading colorectal surgeon based in London, explains a bit more about this symptom.

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