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To worry or not to worry: chronic cough in children

A cough is a muscle reflex to remove phlegm, mucus, and irritants out of the throat and airways. There are a variety of reasons for coughs, such as swallowing something incorrectly or an infection in the chest. Unusually, it is a sign of something serious, but knowing how to treat coughs and when to seek help is important. Professor Parviz Habibi, a leading consultant paediatrist specialising in respiratory disease, provides the must-know information about chronic coughs in children.

Detecting, removing and preventing tooth decay: this is how it works!

Hardly visible to the naked eye can lie interdental decay (in between the teeth). Decay in the interdental space is the most common type of decay in adult dentition and usually goes unnoticed for a long time. As a result, quite a bit of tooth substance can already be damaged when it is finally detected. In this article, expert dental surgeon Dr Behnoosh Bidar describes all we need to know about tooth decay.

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