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5 ways to stop yourself from fainting

Sometimes we have to do things that make us feel faint – getting on a crowded train, giving blood, or speaking in public. Knowing how to stop that feeling in its tracks and prevent a full-blown fainting episode can be extremely empowering. The good news is that there are simple things everyone can do to stop themselves from fainting – as consultant cardiologist and fainting world expert Dr Boon Lim explains:

What lifestyle changes can help patients with kidney disease?

Having kidney disease means your kidneys’ ability to filter and clean your blood is hindered. This can have several effects on your health because without well-functioning kidneys, your body is not able to remove toxins from the body. If your kidney disease is not advanced, certain lifestyle changes can help to reduce symptoms and to provide longevity to your kidneys. Dr Peter Hill, a renowned nephrologist, discusses the symptoms of PKD, and the lifestyle modifications that are necessary for those diagnosed with kidney disease.

Spinal endoscopy: a revolution in spinal surgery

In the past, spinal surgery was a major operation, involved a number of risks, and resulted a long period of recovery. With the help of endoscopic tools, however, many of the procedures surgeons carry out can be done much more safely and quickly. We asked leading orthopaedic spinal surgeon Mr Mo Akmal to explain how spinal endoscopy works and which patients can benefit.

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