What is MIGS, and how effective is it?

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In this article below, distinguished consultant ophthalmologist, Ms Lina Osman, provides us with an all-we-need-to-know guide with regards to minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS).

What is MIGS, and how does it differ from other glaucoma-treating techniques?

It refers to a group of relatively new implants, devices, or surgical techniques which aim to reduce the eye pressure in patients with glaucoma, thus improving the drainage of fluid from the eye.


Minimally invasive means that it is performed with very small microscopic equipment and very small incisions are made. This differs greatly from traditional glaucoma surgery.


Is MIGS safe?

This minimally invasive glaucoma surgery was designed to provide a greater deal of safety. It is a very safe surgical procedure. 


Who is the ideal candidate for MIGS surgery?

MIGS is normally suitable for people who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate glaucoma, and it can be combined with cataract surgery. This reduces the need for glaucoma eye drops after MIGS surgery when combined with cataract surgery.


What is the recovery period like?

MIGS surgery is a shorter procedure compared to traditional glaucoma surgery. Recovery is normally about a week or two. Patients have to use steroid and antibiotic eye drops for several weeks after surgery. In some cases, these drops will have to be used for up to three months.


How successful is MIGS in the long term?

Glaucoma cannot be cured, unfortunately. This technique is performed to prevent any new loss of vision and any new damage to the optic nerve. MIGS can definitely provide some patients with enough pressure reduction in the eye. Research has shown that MIGS surgery is highly effective when it comes to helping prevent loss of vision.


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