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Dr Jonathan Pitts Crick

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Professional statement

Dr Jonathan Pitts Crick is a highly acclaimed consultant cardiologist, practising privately at Nuffield Health and The Spire in Bristol. His areas of expertise include pacemakers, arrhythmias, hypertension, breathlessness, chest pain and complex diagnostic cases and holistic cardiology. 

Dr Pitts Crick trained at King's College London and completed a D.Phil in biomedical engineering at Sussex University. In 1989 he was appointed consultant cardiologist at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, where he helped to establish the angioplasty programme and set up the electrophysiology department which was the first in the UK to undertake RF catheter ablation. He worked as a consultant cardiologist at Bristol Heart Institute from 2009 to 2015.

In his practice, Dr Pitts Crick offers an integrated approach to heart-related illness including advice on all aspects of cardiac arrhythmias, pacemaker optimisation, heart failure and cardiomyopathy management, angina, stress testing and controlling blood pressure. He looks at the person and lifestyle and not just the disease. In the last 10 years, he has become increasingly interested in illness as a functional problem of the whole patient and has developed non-drug approaches to the treatment for breathlessness and fatigue.

He has carried out much research on pacemakers and ICD technology based on his D.Phil. in bioengineering and has more than 30 scientific publications including 11 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, 3 patents, invited review articles and presentations to national and international congresses.  He has recently given invited lectures in Bristol and Boston (USA) on a new feed-back model of chronic illness and how this opens up new methods of treatment.  He also speaks regularly at local meetings organised by The Spire and Nuffield Health hospitals. He is a member of the British Cardiovascular Society and Heart Rhythm UK

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