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How to tell if you’ve got cystitis

Cystitis is quite simply inconvenient, from the burning sensation when trying to urinate to sitting on the toilet in utter frustration. Sometimes, however, the discomfort of trying to empty the bladder could be a symptom of another complex nerve condition, which has been mistaken as a UTI. Expert urologist Mr Keng Jing Ng explains how to differentiate between cystitis or something else…

Understanding adult ADHD

ADHD is a well-known disorder, but most people will associate it with children who are unable to focus at school. However, ADHD is much more than this, and it is a disorder that can continue on into adulthood. Dr Lars Davidsson, a leading psychiatrist, explains how ADHD affects adults and how getting a diagnosis can really transform the lives of those living with this condition.

Microdiscectomy: a new treatment for slipped disc

Slipped disc affects approximately 1 in 50 people and can be a serious cause of back pain. Luckily, in the 21st century we have a wide range of ways to treat slipped disc. One of the latest is an innovative procedure called microdiscectomy, which promises an effective surgical solution without causing too much damage to the skin and muscles in your back. We spoke to Mr Nicholas Thomas, a leading neurosurgeon based in London, to find out what it involves.

Neonatal surgery: fixing congenital abnormalities

Newborns need surgery when they are born with congenital abnormalities. This means that some organs did not form in the right way before birth and there is a need to perform neonatal surgery to correct the anatomy to allow that organ to function properly. Mr Stefano Giuliani, an expert neonatal surgeon, explains why some newborn babies require surgery after birth.

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