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Genetic testing for hereditary breast cancer: Its aim, patient eligibility and the results process

Hereditary breast cancer is a condition that may concern those who have relatives that have or have had breast cancer. Here to discuss the factors that lead to having genetic testing for the condition, alongside its aim and the results process, is leading consultant oncoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Hazem Khout.

Ski safe: Top tips to prevent ACL tears on the ski slopes

ACL tears can bring an abrupt end to your skiing holiday. In this article, we ask highly respected consultant knee surgeon and limb reconstruction specialist Mr Amir Qureshi how skiers can best prepare for their holidays and avoid sustaining this type of knee injury. He also gives expert insight on how treatment plans are established for patients, including complementary treatment for meniscal tears.

Abdominal pain: causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Abdominal pain, particuarly if persistent, can be a real cause for concern for many, and is most commonly associated with a more serious medical condition. Here, esteemed consultant general surgeon, Mr Charles Evans, provides an informative insight into what causes abdominal pain, what specific tests are usually required to detect the primary cause of abdominal pain, as well as revealing when surgery is required.

Considering getting a second medical opinion? Find out more about the process

Obtaining a second medical opinion is becoming more of a common occurrence. While it may be a quicker and easier option to consult pages on the Internet, an expert specialist who can offer experienced advice can offer a peace of mind that confusing and sometimes contradictory web information may not. Leading orthopaedic spinal surgeon Mr G. Michael Hess is highly-sought after for second opinions and Top Doctors speaks to him for his expert take on the matter.

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