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Miscarriage: an insight into the rates and its psychological impact

Miscarriage is a possibility that many individuals may have to face in their lifetime, and can prove to be a very difficult experience for everyone concerned with the pregnancy, especially for the pregnant person. In our latest article, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Mr Christian Barnick, provides us with an in-depth, expert analysis of miscarriage.

Geriatricians and the value of personalised care

Older people are commonly prescribed more than one type of medication to treat conditions brought on by ageing. The combination of different medicines in the body can have negative side effects for patients and therefore seeking out specialised geriatric care can be of huge benefit to older people. In this article, highly esteemed consultant physician in general and geriatric medicine, Dr Tarun Solanki expertly outlines the valuable role of geriatricians in tailoring care for older patients.

Sports injuries: what you need to know

Sports injuries are, unfortunately, quite the nuisance and are very difficult to steer away from. In our latest article, highly revered London-based orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Jagwant Singh, gives us his expert explanation with regards to how sports injuries can be prevented, and what treatment is available for patients who may have fallen victim to severe sporting injuries.

Knee injuries: why early assessment is crucial

Knee injuries are an extremely common occurrence, and there are a host of different types, with some being more severe than others. Early assessment and treatment are absolutely paramount, in cases of severe injury, to avoid potential complications such as not being able to return to sport. In our latest article, reputable consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Shahid Punwar, highlights those all important knee injury symptoms that we should not ignore.

Disappointed by varicose vein treatment? 3 common reasons why treatment fails

Varicose veins, swollen veins which are dark blue or purple in colour, can affect people's confidence and make them self-conscious. Treatment is widely available but unfortunately is not always successful and can leads to recurrence of the varicose veins. In this article, renowned consultant venous surgeon, Dr Omar Abu-Bakr explains why this can occur and what patients can expect from high quality treatment.

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