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Top 5 reasons why adults need braces

Braces were once thought of as a treatment for older children and teenagers – best to have while their jaws are still developing before the teeth settle in adulthood, right? Well, not necessarily. Modern orthodontics recognises that, in fact, the teeth can continue to move at any age, and adults with misaligned teeth may very well benefit from braces too. Esteemed dentist Moira Wong explains:

How can a clinical psychologist help with a physical health problem?

Clinical psychologists are increasingly recognised as a key part of a clinical team, and patients generally regard their support as invaluable. But what exactly do clinical psychologists do? If you’ve been referred to a clinical psychologist, what can you expect? We asked Dr Morwenna Opie, clinical psychologist at the London Cardiovascular clinic, for an insight into this undervalued profession.

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