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What exactly is strabismus?

Strabismus, or squint, occurs when a person's eyes do not correctly align, causing an appearance of an eye that turns inward, outward, or is vertically misaligned. Professor Chris Hammond, an esteemed consultant ophthalmologist practising in London, discusses the condition, outlining how it differs from other conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye). He also explains the cause and treatments available.

Squint: a clear and straight-forward look at the condition

‘Squint’ has two meanings; to focus on something with eyes partially closed to see it clearly or, medically, to have eyes that don’t look in the same direction. Squint, or strabismus, is a condition that causes much confusion and can often be difficult to diagnose. Esteemed London-based consultant ophthalmic surgeon Mr Danny Morrison explains what exactly the condition is and more.

Chemotherapy and breast cancer: an expert insight

Here, find out how effective chemotherapy can be for patients who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer, how often chemotherapy is required for patients with the illness, and what exactly patients can expect in the chemotherapy process, as highly revered consultant clinical oncologist, Dr Apurna Jegannathen, gives us a comprehensive all-you-need-to-know guide.

What is Achilles tendonitis? An expert explains

The Achilles tendon is the tendon that joins the calf muscle to the heel bone. When this tendon gets overused, it can cause swelling and pain, a condition called Achilles tendonitis. Esteemed consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Bal Dhinsa, practising in Maidstone, London, Canterbury, and Ashford, shares his expertise on the condition, outlining the symptoms, risk factors, and treatment options, including surgery.

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