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Your guide to adenoids and adenoid removal

Your adenoids assist in keeping the body free from viruses and infections. However, sometimes they become troublesome and cause a variety of problems that require their removal. Consultant ENT specialist Mike O’Connell explains why children, and in rare cases adults, need adenoids removed along with symptoms of problems, the possible side effects of removal and more.

New bone-building drugs for osteoporosis

Initially, the only drugs available to treat osteoporosis were those that prevented further loss of bone density. But now, new drugs exist that offer the potential to regain some of the loss. Professor David Reid is a leading international expert in the assessment and treatment of osteoporosis and here, he explains what you should know about these drugs, a new one of which becomes available in March 2020. They offer the opportunity to build bone and regain some bone strength.

Is cataract surgery considered major or minor surgery?

Although cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed types of surgery around the world, there are still some risks involved and to perform this procedure, a surgeon requires extensive surgical experience and expertise. Mr Sundeep Kheterpal explains how easy it is to perform this procedure and what you should look for in a surgeon to do this procedure for you.

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