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Extracting and replacing molars: this is how the treatment works

Usually tooth removal is a fairly straightforward process, but there are some risks involved. We got in contact with the highly experienced specialist in prosthodontics, Professor Christian Mehl, to find out what the risks are. In this article, we also discuss when a molar would definitely need to be extracted, how the molar is removed and if the procedure is painful.

Do I need a partial or total knee replacement?

Knee osteoarthtritis can be so severe that often non-surgical treatments will be not be effective. Partial or total knee replacement may be the best solution. We spoke with Mr Ash Gulati, a highly experienced hip and knee surgeon, to discuss how to determine what procedure should go ahead, we found out what the success rates of partial and total knee replacement are and found out some statistics.

Common questions about braces and orthodontics

Are you considering braces? We got in contact with Dr Moira Wong, a highly regarded orthodontist and founder of the Moira Wong Orthodontics clinic in Kensington (London) to discuss what the benefits of braces are. We found out what age is best to have braces, whether they can resolve an asymmetric jaw, whether they're painful and how your diet should be adjusted whilst wearing them. Find out the answers to your FAQs in this article.

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