Can I be cured of chronic bronchitis?

Autore: Dr Bryan Sheinman
Pubblicato: | Aggiornato: 19/05/2023
Editor: Conor Lynch

Chronic bronchitis is a lung-affecting condition that occurs when the bronchial tubes become inflamed. It is mainly caused by smoking.


In our latest article, esteemed consultant pulmonologist, Dr Bryan Sheinman, details in further detail exactly what chronic bronchitis is, what causes it, how it is diagnosed, as well as how it is primarily treated.

What is chronic bronchitis and what causes it?

Chronic bronchitis is an inflammatory disorder of the bronchial tree. This is mainly due to cigarette smoke, particularly in the Western hemisphere. In the third world, it can be due to inhalation of dust, fumes, interior cooking, as well as the use of biomass fuels.


Primarily though, in the Western hemisphere, it is caused by smoking. It causes a lot of disability, but the good news is that if you stop smoking, it can stop getting worse, even if it doesn’t get much better.


Why is chronic bronchitis sometimes referred to as “blue bloaters”?

We don’t use these terms anymore, as it is a very old-fashioned term. It was used to point out a clinical description of two types of chronic bronchitis, which were referred to as “pink puffers” and “blue bloaters.” However, these terms have really gone out of the window now, and we have pretty much abandoned these terms. Now, we use lung function as our determinant.


Can a person be cured of chronic bronchitis?

We don’t think in terms of cure, but rather we think in terms of control. Chronic bronchitis is best controlled by quitting smoking, prompt treatment of exacerbations with antibiotics, inhalers, steroids, regular exercise, and, if necessary, controlled oxygen therapy.


How long can you live with chronic bronchitis?

Fortunately, patients suffering from chronic bronchitis can live many years.


How is it diagnosed?

Diagnosis of chronic bronchitis is almost always based on a medical history of the patient, a thorough medical examination, lung function tests, and x-rays.


How is chronic bronchitis treated?

Thankfully, chronic bronchitis can be effectively treated in a variety of different ways. The main treatment options include treatment for exacerbations, inhalers, and exercise for stable chronic bronchitis.


Dr Bryan Sheinman is a highly accomplished, experienced and skilled consultant pulmonologist who specialises in chronic bronchitis. Check out his Top Doctors profile today to book a consultation with him. 

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