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Dental phobia and implant treatment

If you dread the thought of visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. “Dentophobia” (a fear of the dentist and dental procedures) is very common, and many people experience some level of fear, discomfort and/or anxiety when visiting the dentist. Dr Peter Sanders and his team at Dental Confidence go the extra mile to ensure his patients are relaxed and able to receive dental implants. Find out how Dr Sanders and his team help all patients receive much needed dental treatment, no matter their fears.

Prepare your child or adolescent for psychiatric care

Child and adolescent psychiatrists are specialist qualified doctors who have finished medicine and then focused and specialized in emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems. If your child requires psychiatric care, you may not know how to approach it. In this article, Dr Maite Ferrin explains all about this process so that you and your child can feel more at ease about upcoming psychiatric care.

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