Is macular hole surgery a medical emegency?

Autore: Mr Hadi Zambarakji
Editor: Conor Lynch

Top Doctors recently had the pleasure to speak with distinguished London-based consultant ophthalmologist, Mr Hadi Zambarakji, who, here in our latest article, details what exactly the macular is and why it is so essential, whilst also describing how macular hole surgery is typically performed.

What is the macular, and why is it so important?

The macula is the part of the retina which gives central vision, colour vision, and detailed central vision. Therefore, any pathology affecting the macula will result in deteriorating vision, distorted vision, and in some cases, retinal detachment, which leads to very poor vision.


What does macular surgery entail and what does it treat?

Vitrectomy (removal of the vitreous) is the first step. This is followed by a macular procedure which usually involves peeling of the offending membrane on the surface of the macula (in case of an epiretinal membrane or macular hole) or injection of sub-retinal TPA (tissue plasminogen activator) for the management of a sub-macular haemorrhage


Is macular surgery an emergency?

No, it is not an emergency, but, for macular holes, I personally prefer to operate within four weeks.


What is the success rate of macular hole surgery?

Macular hole closure for small macular holes is very high (97 per cent). The larger macular holes and those of a very long-standing duration have lower success rates (80 to 95 per cent).


How long does it take to recover from macular surgery?

With small incision surgery, recovery is fairly quick, and the visual recovery is fairly rapid, unless gas is used as a tamponade agent at the time of surgery, in which case you would need to wait for the gas to reabsorb.


Mr Hadi Zambarakji is a well-regarded and highly experienced consultant ophthalmologist. Consult with him today via his Top Doctors profile

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Mr Hadi Zambarakji

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