What is a smile makeover?

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A healthy mouth is a happy mouth, but for some of us, appearance is also very important. If you are unhappy with the way your mouth looks and you want to get that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of, a smile makeover may be the solution. Renowned restorative and cosmetic dentist, Dr David Bloom, is here to answer all your questions.



What is a smile makeover?


A smile makeover is the process of recreating a new smile for a patient that is not happy with their current one.


What does a smile makeover treatment consist of?


Initially, the dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to allow a complete diagnosis and put all treatment options on the table to be discussed. These options may involve one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures.




What are the range of treatments available?


Treatments can range from simple whitening – maybe with some additive composite bonding to correct worn edges – through cosmetic orthodontics (that can often be completed in six months or less), to a full smile makeover with porcelain veneers.


Sometimes, a smile makeover can form part of a full mouth rehabilitation to help reinforce very heavily-filled dentitions or biting patterns that are less than ideal.


Are there any foods and drinks you should avoid during or after treatment?


Some foods are best avoided during treatment (very hard foods can cause braces to come unattached or dislodge a trial smile), but after treatment it should be possible to eat all foods.


It may be sensible to avoid chewing very hard things, such as ice or pork crackling. This is because even porcelain that is bonded to teeth can, on very rare occasions, chip if used against another very rigid food substance.


Generally, it is also important to be aware that acidic foods and drinks can be quite erosive and quite literally dissolve teeth on occasions.


What other ways should I take care of my teeth following treatment?


Regular visits to a dental hygienist will help ensure correct cleaning techniques. These include interdental brushes to clean between the teeth, particularly the back ones. This is important before extensive work is undertaken as well as after to ensure ongoing health. It has been stated that up to 95 per cent of the adult population have some degree of gum disease.



If you are considering a smile makeover and you would like to dicuss your options with an expert, don't hesitate to book an appointment with Dr David Bloom via his Top Doctors profile today.

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